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sadio mane net worth
Sadio Mane. Photo/Sports Illusrated
  • Sadio Mane was born on 10th April 1992 in Senegal
  • Sadio mane is a professional footballer who plays as a forward
  • Sadio Mane plays for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Senegal National team

Given his charity works, Sadio Mane net worth is, and always will be an intriguing subject. Born on April 10, 1992, in a tiny village called Bambali, Mane rose to become Senegal’s pride. It is here that he started his football career.

He is currently playing as a forward for the Senegal national team and Bayern Munich in German Bundesliga. The 31-year-old is an inspiration to upcoming footballers in Senegal through his tremendous football career. His growth in soccer has been seen through the various clubs he played for, his net worth increasing each time he transfers to the next club. This means that the clubs have also realized his worth when it comes to what he is offering.

Sadio biography

Full name Sadio Mane
Source of wealth Football and endorsements
Age 31 years
Place of birth Bambali, Senegal
Height 1.74m
Nationality Senegalese
Date of birth 10 APRIL 1992
Occupation Footballer
Marital status Single


sadio mane bayern

Sadio Mane at Bayern Munich. Photo/Sky SPorts

Sadio Mane net worth is impressive at 31 years. He has an estimated wealth portfolio of  $25 million. While at Liverpool, he was earning $122, 824 – $149, 750 pe week. Mane tried renegotiating the terms of his contract with Liverpool to $489,000 per week which the club couldn’t meet and he opted to move to Bayern Munich.

The German Bundesliga club pays him $23.8 million per year. Mane also has several endorsements that add to his wealth.  Some of them are Western Union Money Transfer,  New Balance and Indonesia Tourism earning him around $5 million. Surprisingly, he ploughs back his earnings to Senegal in a bid to offer his people a better living. He has built hospitals, schools and helped set up a telecommunication firm to support mobile networks in his village and beyond.


Sadio Mane started his career at the tender age of 19 years.  From his national team, he joined Ligue 2 club Metz and soon moved to join Australia club Red Bull Salzburg at a fee of four million pounds [$4,877,816.79]. Here, he won a league and established his football dominance.

This success spurred the rise of Sadio Mane net worth in a short span when he made moves to several clubs. He transferred to the English Premier League club Southampton at a record fee of 11.8 million pounds [$14,146,136.79]. At Southampton, he scored 6-1 against Aston Villa. His dribbling and speed attracted European clubs and each of them wanted to have him.

It was not long before he signed for Liverpool at a reported fee of 34 million pounds [$41,418,813.64]. The Senegalese helped Liverpool get to the UEFA Champions League Finals.  Mane made history with 100 Premier League goals making him the third African to reach hit such a milestone.

At the international level, Mane has 34 goals in 93 appearances for Senegal. He played for Senegal at the Olympics and in the Africa Cup of Nations which saw him crowned the African player of the year.  At the start of the 2022/2023 season, he signed a three-year contract with Bayern Munich, at a fee of 32 million pounds [$38,967,981]. The deal was that this amount would be increased to 41 million pounds [$49,717,338] based on the team’s achievement and performance.

However, he missed crucial matches due to injury. Unthough of before, he missed the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar as he was recovering from leg surgery.


Sadio mane

Sadio Mane with his girlfriend. Photo/FirstSportz

Besides the burning questions about Sadio Mane net worth,  he has another side to him. He is reportedly dating a lady known as Melissa Reddy, who describes him as a humble person despite the huge success of his football career. Mane says he picks humility from his father who was an Imam and also from the Quran which advocates for humility amongst all Muslims.

Giving back to his community is also a huge part of his personal life. The 31-year-old Bayern player is donated 250,000 pounds in his home town of Bambali in a school building project. During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, he donated 41,000 pounds [$49,717,338] to the National committee that was involved in fighting COVID-19 in Senegal.

He also donated 500,000 pounds [$6,134,826] for the construction of a hospital in Bambali. He has seen through other projects like the financing of a schools, petrol stations and a post office in his local community.  Mane also gives a monthly stipend of 70 pounds to each family in his hometown to around 2,000 families.

Further, Mane is also an ambassador of an international NGO known as Right to Play which empowers vulnerable children. Through this organization, girls and women have been empowered on equality and the need for both girls and boys to access equal education and sports opportunities.


Although Sadio Mane net worth is colossal, he keeps it simple and comfortable. He owns the following vehicles which he chauffers himself in most times.

1.Range Rover Vogue worth $45,000

2.Audi RS7 worth$120,000

3.Bentley which is worth $200,000

4.Mercedes Benz G63 AMG worth $200,000

In addition to his cars,  has several houses around the world, a palatial home worth $2 million in Senegal and another one in England.


1.What is Mane’s Worth?

It is roughly at $25million as of 2023.

2.What are Mane’s sources of income?

Mane earns from his football career as well as several endorsements that he has.

3.Is Mane married?

No but he has a girlfriend Melissa Reddy.

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