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6 things Cristiano Ronaldo hates at Manchester United

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Cristiano Ronaldo Interview
Cristiano Rnaldo With Piers Morgan. Photo by Manchester Evening News
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Piers Morgan interview on Sunday answered many unanswered questions
  • He feels hurt by an array of factors
  • The club, he says, lacks empathy

 For a while now, battles in the changing room at Manchester United have made headlines, thereby changing public perception. However, Cristiano Ronaldo Piers Morgan interview on Sunday answered many unanswered questions.

The Portugal-born player is the proverbial black sheep for the better part of the 2022/2023 season. Since the start of the season, things haven’t been easy for him at Old Trafford.

A few months ago, he promised to set the record straight. This was after his delay in showing up for his pre-season, which many said that he was scouting for another team.

Things moved from bad to worse when he returned, prompting him to reach out to his fans. Well, he finally lay it all bare when United manager Erik ten Hag and his teammates least expected it.

He had a 90-minute explosive interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV later reported by The Sun. The Portugal International did not sugarcoat anything in the now viral Cristiano Ronaldo Piers Morgan interview.

These are the pain points at Old Trafford.


He’s had enough of the criticism, sneering, and nonstop finger-pointing directed at him in recent months. Ronaldo is categorical that this originates from former teammates, co-workers, the media, and his superiors – ten Hag leading the pack.


Erik ten Hag with Cristiano Ronaldo

Erik ten Hag with Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo by Football365

Two people lead the disrespect pack. Among them is his coach Erik ten Hag who he has clashed more than once. The United manager suspended him in October when he refused to be substituted during a game with Tottenham at Old Trafford.

Worse is that CR7 left at the 89th minute and headed for the tunnel, which caused more problems for him. Ten Hag suspended him for several matches, citing taking advice from higher echelons of decision-making at Manchester United.

Regardless, Ronaldo feels his team’s manager doesn’t respect him at all, and so does he. It’s a mutual exchange of equal return of bad blood.

The second villain in it all is retired footballer Wayne Rooney who Ronaldo cites for disrespect. He is utterly contemptuous of the attention-seeking goals of some of his loudest detractors who Rooney leads.

A former teammate, Rooney hasn’t taken a chill pill in openly criticizing Ronaldo for months and urging United to fire him. However, he feels Rooney is jealous of two things.

To begin with, at 37, he is still playing while Rooney is retired. Additionally, the fact that he is in better shape physically than his critic, who looks older.


Of all his pain points at United, deception is hurting, as it came out in the Cristiano Ronaldo Piers Morgan interview. Again, many fall in this category, including some of his teammates, but ten Hag and Ralf Rangnick carry this huge burden on him.

When Ronaldo joined Man United from Juventus in 2021, he played under sacked coach Ole Gunner Solksjaer. They had a great working relationship, but it took a turn for the worse with interim coach Rangnick and the final nail in the coffin was ten Hag.

Scrutinising how the latter [Rangnick] ran the team, the United player wonders how he got this position, yet he was never a coach. He had never had of him there before.


Cristiano Ronaldo piers Morgan interview

Cristiano Ronaldo gets emotional. Photo by YouTube

Perhaps, selfishness was the least expected trait Cristiano Ronaldo Piers Morgan interview could bring forward. Here is it. In April 2022, Ronaldo and his wife, Georgina Rodriguez, lost one of their twins.

It was a hard moment for him, but he continued playing after a few weeks of mourning. The Royal Family also sent him and Georgina a personal statement of condolence, which both amazed and moved him.

Surprisingly, he claims that his team showed less “empathy” toward him when his three-month-old daughter was hospitalised in July. That’s when he was unable to make it back in time for pre-season practice because he wanted to stay with her.

Ronaldo claims that senior Old Trafford officials even expressed scepticism when he explained his inability to return. This made him feel sad and terrible.


He returned to Old Trafford and was smacked by the cold, brutal reality. The Manchester United of today is drastically different from the team he originally left in 2009.

It was still the same club; it never changed at all. Sadly, it is now governed by individuals he believes to be less capable than those who were previously in charge. The absence of advancements in training facilities, including the kitchen (diet and nutrition), the pool, the gym, and technology, appal him.

Training facilities took a downturn after Sir Alex Ferguson left the team in his coaching capacity.


Additionally, Cristiano Ronaldo Piers Morgan interview had the world’s best player say he is appalled by the dismissive demeanour of many of the younger players. They are disinterested in picking up the skills he has learned throughout his illustrious career.

After all this blemish on him, Ronaldo wants his fans to understand that he returned to United to see it win and for the love, he had for the club.

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