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Meet the 23-year-old world’s prettiest runner from Germany

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Alica Schmidt
Alica Schmidt. Photo by The Mirror
  • Alica Schmidt is a female track athlete from Germany
  • She is only 23 years old and enjoys over 3 million Instagram followers
  • She doubles up as a model and a student pursuing her second degree

Germany’s female athlete Alica Schmidt relationship questions are as powerful as her presence on the tracks. It carries the same weight as her Instagram presence.

To calm these waters, the prettiest athlete from Europe is quite conservative with her private life. She is linked to dating Fredi Richter, the only man who she introduced to the public.

This followed steamy moments that caught the public eye in 2018. Nonetheless, beyond her modelling and hourglass figure, Schmidt is an accomplished runner. In her quest to conquer the world, all she wants is recognition as Germany’s finest track athlete.

The 23-year-old beauty has made headlines both on and off the track. She broke into showbiz in her native country and won the reputation of being the hottest athlete in the world.

Alica Schmidt

Alica Schmidt photo by Zest Vine

Schmidt competed in Munich’s 400-meter semifinals of the European Championships in August. When on track, all she cares about is winning, not how beautiful she is, making her a darling to athletics fans.

She is making time to complete her academics even as she aspires to Olympic success in Paris in 2024. While she also recognises her brand and is appreciative of the chance to go to opulent fashion events across Europe.


She is 23 years old. The German track athlete was born on November 8, 1998, in Worms, Germany. Her family later relocated to Bavaria.

In what would later shape Alica Schmidt relationship narrative due to her fame, she took part in the 200, 400, and 800-metre running competitions. Upon gradual mastery of the track events she threw herself to professional running.

Her first professional race was in 400-meter hurdles competition in 2018 at MTV Ingolstadt. Before this, she managed a second position in the 200-meter race at the under-20 German Championship in 2017.

She had a successful stint in the 2017 European Athletics U20 Championships. Schmidt competed alongside Corinna Schwab, Meike Gerlach and Vanessa Aniteye in the 4 x 400-meter relay.


In the same line of establishing more about Alica Schmidt relationship, you realize she wears several hats of excellence. Besides Fredi, the hunk man who once made her go gaga in public, her athletic career is her other love.

She doubles up as a model with over three million Instagram followers and a million followers on Tik Tok. All these at just 23. Schmidt is irrefutably the biggest celebrity online, considering optics in Munich’s 2022 European Athletics Championships.

Schmidt was featured in an issue of the Australian publication Busted Coverage in 2017 with the headline “The World’s S3xi3st Athlete.”

The blonde beauty finds this to be a derogatory label that ignores her abilities in track and field. She admitted this title means much to her adding that it’s subjective to her looks as a woman.

While her leading light is radiating her beauty from within, this label spurred questions about Alica Schmidt relationship. Yet, it’s a part of her that she keeps under wraps save for the exceptional moment with Fredi in public.


Alica Schmidt

Alica Schmidt. Photo by Latestly

She hails from Worms, a Rhineland-Palatinate city on the Upper Rhine located about 60 kilometres south-southwest of Frankfurt am Main. In 2015, roughly 82,000 people were living there.

Worms is one of the oldest cities in northern Europe with a pre-Roman foundation. Schmidt has fond memories of growing up here, although her family later relocated to Bavaria.

Just before she decided to go pro with athletics, she pursued an undergraduate in applied sciences. Currently, much as Alica Schmidt relationship is in question, she is pursuing a second degree in Communication Design.

“I’m also still studying and looking forward to getting my bachelor’s degree in communication and media design,” The Sun reports.

Schmidt maintains a professional image online by putting more emphasis on her work than her personal life.

“I really don’t feel comfortable sharing my private life with people who don’t know me personally – but at the same time I enjoy using social media and only share the aspects of my life that I want to share,” she states.

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