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See why it is best for the Glazers to sell Manchester United

The Glazers. Photo: Skysports


  • The Glazer family is being blamed for Manchester United’s failure and especially this season
  • The Red Devils started the new season on a rough patch as they lost their first two matches 
  • However, the team beat Liverpool Monday night to win their first match since the beginning of the season
  • Few businessmen have been interested in buying the club, including Elon Musk

The Glazers are blamed for Manchester United decline in recent years

The fact that United’s most recent thrashing, a 4-0 loss to Brentford last weekend wasn’t even a huge surprise.

It demonstrates just how significant the problem is and how much standards have continuously plummeted under the ownership of the Glazer family at the club.

It is impossible to deny that they are the most significant source of trouble at the club.

Everything is caused by owners who are uninterested in the club, do not invest their cash, profit regardless of the team’s failure on the pitch, and have watched the club’s debt climb to around £500 million due to their worst ever performance in the Premier League.

Michael Knighton, who came very close to purchasing Manchester United in 1989, is currently interested in buying the Red Devils from the Glazers.

Manchester United

Eric ten Hag lead Manchester United players in training. Photo/

Additionally, Elon Musk and Sir Jim Ratcliffe expressed interest in owning the team the previous week.

And even while the Americans do not have any current plans to sell, there are five compelling arguments in favour of them reconsidering their position on the issue.

After 17 years of questionable dominance over Old Trafford, Sportsleo will now investigate the factors that can convince the Glazer family to give up their ownership of the club and move on.

Everyone dislikes the Glazers

Man United fans demonstrate

Man United fans demonstrate. Photo/Quora

But certainly not everyone. Those who are close to the Glazers are likely to have nothing but great things to say about them.

However, they are not well-liked, and even that word does not adequately describe how unpopular they are.

Fans demanded the Americans left the team even when United were winning championships at the time. Things have only worsened over the past few years, particularly after the European Super League project was discovered to fail.

In recent years, the Glazers have been the targets of criticism from soccer legends like Gary Neville, Roy Keane, as well as Paul Scholes.

And because the club is getting worse, the criticism is likely to get worse as well.

It is the best thing for the Glazers to do right now

The Glazers are adamant that they have nothing but good intentions.

Therefore, the right thing to do would be to step down and leave the club. But ofcourse in the care of more capable individuals.

They have indeed put out a significant amount of money. However, most of the money is earned by United, and very little of the club’s money is spent on improving it to meet current expectations.

This contrasts sharply with the situation at Manchester City and Chelsea, where the owners fund their respective transfer businesses.

United needs a wealthy owner of their own, one who genuinely cares about the team and the cause enough to attend every game and demonstrate their commitment to it.

They would have more significant financial savings

If the Glazer family continues to run United, they will likely be required to invest significantly more money than usual in order to bring the club around.

Clearly, the team requires some an open heart surgery. It is something that needs to be looked into, whether that happens this summer or in the years to come.

And then there’s the relatively minor matter of redeveloping Old Trafford in order to bring the illustrious stadium up to date as part of the process.

All of these things will cost the Glazers money. Given Manchester United‘s terrible performance over the past several years, they may even have to spend some of their own money on them. If that happens, the moths will fly out of the wallet.

Things have the potential to go far worse

Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United. Photo/MARCA

In continuation with the prior discussion, it is possible that matters will deteriorate even further.

Although Ralf Rangnick has stated in the past that United requires as many as ten players, to this point in the season, they have only played and lost one game and only signed three players.

Fans demonstrated prior to their team’s 2-1 loss to Brighton on Sunday.

And it’s pretty doubtful that anything will change. Should the team’s performance deteriorate, so will the spectators’ behaviour away from the field.

They’ve already had one game called off previously, and given how devoted they are to the cause. It’s impossible to say whether or not they won’t do it again if the tensions continue to escalate.

After 17 years, there is no evidence to suggest that the Glazers are concerned enough to address the most significant concerns at play.



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