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‘Beastly acts’ revealed in Benjamin Mendy trial update

Benjamin Mendy Trial Update
Benjamin Mendy Trial Update. PHoto/Sky Sports
  • Mendy, a former Manchester City player, lives in his shadows since his arrest in 2021
  • He is facing eight counts of rape and assault allegedly to a 20-year-old woman
  • The court heard that he bragged about taking to bed 10,000 women after forcing himself on the woman

The infamous Benjamin Mendy trial update is yet again one of the controversies the world is eager to hear.

Mendy, a former Manchester City player, lives in his shadows since his arrest on August 26 and incarceration until January 2022. The ex-City player was charged with eight counts of rape.

The trial started on August 19 after being freed on bail early in the year. His successful bail application followed three failed bids that saw him spend four months in prison awaiting bail determination.

It was an interesting hearing as one of the women who accused Mendy opened up on the depraving arrogance the player mirrored.


A woman who claims Mendy raped her testified that after the crime, Mendy boasted that he bedded 10,000 other women.

Testifying before the jury, the woman told the jury at Chester Crown Court that the attack lasted for 15 minutes. After that, the disgraced 28-year-old left her bleeding.

Benjamin Mendy Trial Update

Benjamin Mendy Trial Update. Photo/Sky SPorts

She describes this as the longest part of her life since she refused multiple times to go to bed with the footballer.

The jury heard that the two met in 2020 at a club in Alderley Edge. The victim, 20, went to the accused’s home together with three other friends.


As the Benjamin Mendy trial update continued, the court heard that the French international confiscated her phone. They were at the player’s home at the time, and he rummaged through her Snapchat and read her private messages.

He then left for upstairs without saying a word. She followed her abductor and demanded her phone back, but he had disappeared through a double door with a tight lock, similar to that of a hotel room.

According to the victim’s testimony, she told the football player she didn’t care what he thought was happening in her private life. All she wanted was her phone without sleeping with him.

Mendy arrogantly retorted that the door was locked either way. The jury further heard in the Benjamin Mendy trial update that the accused asked the woman to undress.

He said all he wanted to see was her body. She explained that she was afraid of him and that she thought that was the “lesser of two evils.”

According to her account, he threw her phone on the bed, and when she went to pick it up, he started making advances. However, she expressly rejected any of his coercion to sleep with him.

She claimed he raped her three times over the course of 15 minutes. That’s the thing that makes her unhappy because she did not consent. Her whole body became stiff after the incident.

After the attack, the accused allegedly boasted of taking 10,000 other women to bed. He asked her, though, not to tell anyone about their escapade.

He left the woman bleeding out and warned her to keep it between them and that she visits him at night. He blatantly tells her to treat their escapade with dignity.

Benjamin Mendy freed on Bail.

Benjamin Mendy freed on Bail. Photo/Sky Sports


Even before Benjamin Mendy trial update started, he denied all of the claims against him. He is on trial together with his co-defendant, 41-year-old Louis Saha Matturie. Matturie, originally from Eccles, Salford, also denied eight rape and four s3xual assault charges.

The woman claims she received a series of cryptic Snapchat messages Mendy and Mr. Matturie the day after the alleged incident. She quotes one of the messages asking if she needs anything.

Mendy also asks her to call him at her earliest convenience to further the conversation. She has screenshots of these messages from the accused to prove it all.

The defendants, however, say that whatever they did with the ladies was consensual. Eleanor Laws QC, Mendy’s counsel, had his moment to cross-examine the witness.

The lawyer asked the woman if she intentionally showed his client explicit photos on her Snapchat before performing oral pleasure on him. However, she negated this line of questioning by the defence counsel, reiterating that she wasn’t interested in copulation.

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