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Most Disrespectful Moments in the World of Football

fabricio scaled
Fabricio showing the middle finger to fans was disrespectful. Photo: Skysports
  • here are unwritten rules about how athletes are expected to behave in all sports, and Much of this is determined by how the opposition is treated
  • However, it is unfortunate that some of the athletes have been disrespectful on the pitch and especially towards the opponent
  • Luis Suárez is widely regarded as one of football’s most disrespectful players; he is known for biting

 Discipline and the code of conduct are essential in the world of sports, and it is expected that athletes and everyone involved respect them.

There are also unspoken rules in sports that athletes are also expected to follow them.

 We all admire sportsmanship, and seeing it in action is exciting. Respect and sportsmanship are equally crucial in football. However, as much as we despise it, football has always had a dirty side.

Football is a magnificent sport. It brings nations and people together but isn’t always a pretty game.

Someone occasionally deviates from what is expected of them, violating the rules and displaying disrespect. Even the best players can be disrespectful to one another at times.

And so today, we take a look at the most disrespectful football moments:

6. Racist Chants Towards Mario Balotelli

balotel scaled

Brescia’s Mario Balotelli, second from right, reacts to Verona supporters’ racist chants during the Italian Serie A match between Verona and Brescia at the Bentegodi stadium in Verona, Italy, Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019. Photo: Skysports

The racist chants of the crowd directed at Balotelli during a Serie A match are among the most disrespectful moments in football.

The Italian striker threatened to leave the field after receiving racist abuse during Brescia’s Serie A loss to Hellas Verona.

After Brescia’s Balotelli picked up the ball early in the second half and kicked it into the crowd, the referee paused the game and initiated the anti-racism protocol.

There was also a warning that any abusive or disrespectful football chants would result in the game being called off. The Serie A has worked hard to prevent racist incidents in football, such as this one.

5. Fabricio Showing Middle Finger To His Fans

Fabricio, a Brazilian player, is mocking his fans. Fabricio reacted to crowd taunting by flicking the middle finger of each hand multiple times towards fans during the Gaucho League match against Ypiranga.

That was not an excellent way to handle criticism, especially from the fans who help make this sport what it is.

Internacional fans celebrated the dismissal before Fabricio wrestled with teammates, ripped off his shirt, and marched naked-chested across the pitch to the players’ tunnel, gesturing to the fans

4. Luiz Suarez bites

Suarez bites Ivanovic

Luis Suarez bites Branislav Ivanovic. Photo: The Mirror

Luis Suarez’s bites rank fourth on our list of the top six most disrespectful moments in football. Luis Suarez’s entire career has been cloaked in controversy, despite being one of the most lethal players in football and one of the best in the world.

During his time at Liverpool, an incident occurred during a match against Chelsea. Suarez was seen picking a fight with Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic, whom he bit away from the ball. The officials paid no attention to it.

Suarez was suspended for ten games and fined following the game.

3. Luiz Suarez intentional handball

luis handball

Luis Suarez delibarate handball during the 2010 World Cup against Ghana was the most disrespectful events in Football. Photo: BBC

Luis Suárez is widely regarded as one of football’s most disrespectful players. During the 2010 World Cup, he took on the role of illegal goalkeeper, batting the ball out of the net with his arms in the dying minutes.

Some Ghanaians, who were about to rejoice, were interrupted in their tracks when they saw their dreams threatened. In one of football’s most heinous moments, he destroyed the goals of an African nation.

2. Zinedine Zidane Headbutt

When Zidane headbutted his opponent, it was one of the most disrespectful football moments. In his final game, the 2006 World Cup Final against Italy, French midfielder Zidane ruined his career with one rash decision.

He was awarded the Golden Ball before the game and scored in the first ten minutes, but the game eventually went overtime.

After exchanging words, Zidane turned around and cruelly headbutted Marco Materazzi in the chest in the 110th minute, knocking the Italian to the ground.

France would lose on penalties after the referee correctly issued a straight red card. Materazzi was later revealed to have provoked Zidane with a remark about his sister.

Zidane is now the manager of Real Madrid, but millions of football fans remember him primarily for this moment of madness.

1. Brazilian Player Brutally Attacks Referee

AO scaled

William Ribeiro was charged with attempted murder after kicking referee Rodrigo Crivellaro in the head. Photo: CNN

The terrible incident of the referee being brutally kicked by a player is at the top of our list of the top ten most disrespectful moments in football.

William Ribeiro, a Brazilian soccer player, was charged with attempted murder after kicking referee Rodrigo Crivellaro in the head, knocking him to the ground unconscious the incident happened because

During the second half of their match, Crivellaro granted Guarani de Venancio Aires a free-kick against Ribeiro’s So Paulo de Rio Grande team.


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