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Despite $1.3m wealth, Daniel Kipchirchir Komen lives in poverty thanks to his lawyer

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Daniel Komen
Daniel Kiphirchir Komen. Photo/Wikipedia
  • Daniel Kipchirchir Komen is a middle-distance Kenyan runner who retired in 2017 with nothing to his name
  • This is despite earning millions of shillings for over a decade when he turned to professional athletics
  • He blames his lawyer Isaac Terer for fleecing him, but Terer denied these claims

Some years back, Kenyan lawyers were called out for using their knowledge to engage in corrupt activities, and Daniel Kipchirchir Komen, a middle-distance Kenyan runner knows this all too well.

Despite his hard work for years that saw him earn over $1,309,689 (Ksh150 million), his years last few years are riddled by squalor.

The once 1500m runner who made a dream of owning property, and made it come true lost it all to his lawyer Isaac Terer.

Why Did Daniel Kipchirchir Komen Go Broke?

According to an interview with NTV in 2016, the athlete pointe an accusing finger at his lawyer for fleecing him dry.

He represented Kenya in over 97 international competitions, and he saved much of his earnings for a bright future. It is what he always wanted and worked for it.

Komen began saving for his golden years by purchasing real estate.

Daniel Komen

Daniel Komen. Photo/

In his racing career, Komen made more than Sh35 million in earnings. According to the athlete’s testimony to NTV journalist Dennis Okari, his financial situation began to deteriorate when he committed his affairs to Terer who doubled up as his financial advisor.

Keter recommended he buy a prime house after he won a silver medal in the indoor championships in Spain in April 2008. The house was up for $ 104,775 (Ksh12 million).

His purchase price was $ 78,581 (Ksh9 million) but started going south with the sale agreement.

Kome recalls that another of his lawyer friends informed him that it said he had purchased together with Keter.

The former silver medalist then inquired to why Keter’s name appeared on the agreement as a buyer rather than a witness. Keter explained that it was an error in the document which would be rectified, but it was a ploy to take away his property.

Hoodwinked, Komen wired money to Keter’s account still in 2008 as is the norm between a lawyer, and his client. But, trouble started here.  Rude treatment started every time he went to see Keter in his office.

“He secured a house for me in the posh Elgon View Estate in Eldoret, but the deal never materialised after it became evident that property was at the centre of a legal dispute and later struck another deal after his fellow lawyer opted to sell his own house,” the Standard quotes the athlete.

He explains that Terer advised him to transfer $43,646 (Ksh 5 million) to the owner of the house as a deposit while he convinced his family why he had to sell the house

He later transferred another $8,731 (Ksh1 million), bringing the total payment to Sh21 million.

Broke, having spent his money on property he shows nothing for, he feels dejected.

After his story went viral, Wambilianga, Majani and Associates said it would sue Terer for $1,309,689.

However, Terer was quick to deny these charges. Terer who became the Usain Gishu county speaker between 2013 and 2017 claimed that the athlete approached him for a partnership

Asked about their agreement, he said that he forgot to draw it up.

Isaac Terer

Isaac Terer. Photo/Hivisasa


Chemorgong, Koibatek, was the birthplace of Daniel Kipchirchir Komen on November 26th, 1984.

He went to the same elementary school in the Eldama Ravine neighborhood as his wife Dorothy.

While growing up in poverty, Komen worked as a pit latrine digger on the weekends to help support his family.

A scholarship at Timboroa High School, where he excelled in track and field, followed. After graduating from high school, the 37-year-old became a professional athlete.


The 1500-meter runner was renowned for his impressive performance. In 2003, he finished second in the African Junior Championships, which was his first-ever recorded marathon.

The World Athletics Championships were held in 2005, and he competed but fell short of the medal round.

Daniel Kipchirchir Komen ran the fastest mile in the history of the United States in 2007, breaking Eamonn Coghlan’s record set in 1983. Last race: 1500m semi-finals, South Korea, 2011.

But it wasn’t enough to get him into the finals. While preparing for the 2017 Olympics, he was hoping that one more gold medal to change his life.

In spite of these issues, he was aware that his golden years were behind him from an injury he had.

Nevertheless, his wife remained his staunchest ally, always there to lift his spirits when things looked bleak. She didn’t give up hope that things would get better for them.

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