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The best foods for runners you should try

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Chicken is among the best foods for runners. Photo/Times Food

There is something unique about successful athletes; they know the power of the best foods for runners.

Your training is only one factor in how well you perform on race day. But, you also need to think about what feeds the body with to boost your speed and performance.

When you eat the appropriate foods at the right times, you significantly improve your running performance.

Moreover, proper foods boost your immunity and reduce the risk of injuries.

Therefore, Sportsleo brings you a list of the best foods for runners.


No sugar, salt, or oil is used in this recipe; it’s just pure peanut butter. In terms of antioxidants, it’s a good source of vitamin E, which is perhaps the most effective.

Nuts like peanuts have a significant amount of fat, but that fat is mostly composed of healthy fats like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

the best foods for runners

Peanut Butter is among the best foods for runners. Photo/Eat This Not That

They help lower blood cholesterol levels. Additionally, peanut butter has a lot of protein, which aids in the growth of your muscles, making it an essential part of any runner’s diet.

That is why it falls it is recommended among the best foods for runners.


There is no better high-carbohydrate energy boost than a banana before your afternoon run.

Potassium is abundant in this fruit – which makes it the best foods for runners.

Long-distance or hot-weather running could see you sweat a lot and lose vital minerals.

But the potassium in bananas gives it all back.

Your blood pressure is lowered at the same time because potassium and other minerals compensate for this loss.


It is okay to indulge yourself now and then as a dedicated runner. Cholesterol and blood pressure can be lowered by eating dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao.

It also contains anti-inflammatory flavanols.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) benefits a lot from the addition of a cup of coffee.

Caffeine in coffee speeds things up devoid of any sweeteners. And it is a fallacy that coffee depletes water in your body.

So, consider it among the best foods for runners.


When planning for a run later in the day, oats are the ideal breakfast. They have a lot of carbs (approximately 25 g in one serving) and a lot of fibre.

The glycemic index of oatmeal is also low. As a result, they raise your blood sugar level gradually, thereby offering you long-lasting energy.

You feel fuller for longer as well.


The vitamin C in this green vegetable makes it a great snack for runners. Vitamin C prevents muscular soreness following strenuous exercise.

Further, calcium, folic acid, and vitamin K, all of which help to strengthen our bones, are abundant in broccoli. The many minerals contained in Broccoli are what makes it the best foods for runners.


Carbohydrates and proteins come together perfectly in yogurt. In terms of essential amino acids, it has a value of approximately 85%, which means that it has a significant percentage of both.

Taking plain yoghurt immediately after a run helps you recover faster while also protecting your muscles.

Bone density is improved as a result of the calcium in the milk. Additionally, yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria that aid in digestion (probiotics).

The bacteria boost your immune system by encouraging the growth of good bacteria in your intestines.


Potassium-rich foods such as potatoes and bananas should be included in the diets of all runners.

They are high in calories which generate the body’s energy.

Did you know that a potato also contains all of the vitamin A you need each day? Antioxidant properties, enhancement of vision, bone density, and immune system enhancement are courtesy of Vitamin A.


Whole Wheat pasta

Whole Wheat pasta. Photo/Bicycling magazines

In the days leading up to a marathon, whole grain pasta parties are common in the West.

Glycogen stores are replenished through these events, which not only helps you mentally prepare for the next day’s race, but also provides a high-carbohydrate meal.

You have the energy you need to complete the marathon if your glycogen stores are full.

Such pasta includes whole-grain bread with a nice peanut butter spread and a dash of banana cuttings.

They give you a lot of stamina to make it happen in the track.


The best foods for runners must include proteins.

Chicken is a good source of protein and is low in fat. There are 26.68 grams of protein and only 3 grams fat in an 86-gram half of roasted chicken breasts

However,  too much fat is a no-no because it will slow you down and add extra weight.

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