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Motor Sports

Car spinning in South Africa: Most dangerous sport in Africa

Car spinning
Car spinning in South Africa. Photo/SA people

Car spinning in South Africa rules the realm of the most dangerous sport in the continent. What’s thrilling about it is that it traces its history to the 1980s.

Then, gangsters from Soweto would spin stolen vehicles as a way to show off what they got away with. It was one of the ways of speaking against the gangster culture and black oppression here.

Car spinning in South Africa then graduated to a burial ritual in some parts of the South and this increased its popularity. A stolen car would be spun around to honour the deceased.

It was in the 1990s when it was first done without a criminal connotation. Drivers did powerful stunts with these vehicles and it gained traction.

Today, it is a popular sport outside Johannesburg where hundreds of people throng the stadium to catch glimpse of the spin.

Ideally, car spinning in South Africa involves some dangerous stunts. While the cars spin – often old school BMWs – stuntmen take a shot at a dangerous moment. They hang precariously at the car’s windows that by now is spinning at neck-breaking speeds.

Car spinning

Car spinning in South Africa. Photo/YouTube

Different drivers take turns to spin the vehicles in circles and the aftermath is plumes of white smoke in the air. Those with just more than gusto to make a show keep their hands off the steering wheel as the car spins.

Others hang precariously from the window without any care!

But what’s the secret to car spinning in South Africa? Modification is the thing. Most car spinners spend a lot of time in the garage modifying the old BMWs. They tune the engine, the exhausts and the suspension to ensure it takes all the pressure from all the spinning.

Is Spinning Cars Legal in South Africa?

Car spinning in South Africa is legal. The sport evolved from the thuggish character it was known for in the 80s in Soweto to become a formal and legitimate sport.

Promoters cash in on these events where hundreds of people turn up for a show. There are also performers who sought to curtain raise such events. Motorsport South Africa now regulates and licenses spinning events. Nevertheless, informal and illegal spinning events still occur.

All spinning events are regulated and licensed by Motorsport South Africa. The agency recognized an event in Soweto where spinners received “Official Motorsport Licenses for Spinning” in 2012. It was later in 2014 when car spinning in South Africa was officially recognized as a legal sport.

Who is the Best Car Spinning in South Africa?

Mangesh Ndaba from Johannesburg takes the crown as the king of car spinning in South Africa. He hails from KwaThema Township in Johannesburg.

He started spinning when he was only 10 years old. This is when he first drove as a young boy who couldn’t reach the steering wheel.

He pilled pillows on the seat to get a good position for it all.

Stacey-Lee May is also among the spinning gurus in South Africa. She is one of the female drivers who thrill crowds with her driving prowess.  At 25, May is a professional car spinner. She has in the past competed in England, New York and Pakistan.

Then, Ibrahim Toffie 34, does not mince his art when he is behind the wheel. He hails from Alberton, a town located in the South East of Johannesburg.  The adrenaline rush he gets from all of these keeps his passion alive.

He admits spending hours in the garage making sure everything is working out correctly.  However, there isn’t much money is car spinning in South Africa. Most of those who do it have other jobs.

Take Magesh, for instance. He is a school bus driver while his wife is a traffic cop. He says most other spinners have another job.

Car Spinning in South Africa

Car Spinning in South Africa. Photo/Pinterest

Spinning has, however, employed a dozen mechanics who modify these cars almost salvage – and make their owners proud. It is an expensive affair as a set of tyres can only hold out for five minutes of spinning given the mad manoeuvres involved.

What is the Best Spinning Car?

The BMW E30, Nissan Skyline and box-shape Toyota Corollas are commonly used for car spinning in South Africa. These vehicles are easy to modify and meet the expectation of those spinning and the crowd as well.

Who is the Best Gusheshe Spinner in South Africa?

The list of the best gusheshe spinner in South Africa is endless. First, there is Cape Town’s star Eddie Rasta and champion from Limpopo King Katra.

Then there is Red Bull Shay’iMoto. These are the names ruling car spinning in South Africa.

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