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Motor Sports

Verstappen ‘arrogantly’ dismisses Brazil GP full review calls by Mercedes

Max Verstappen has reacted to calls by Mercedes calling for a full review of Brazil Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton Photo/Archyde

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has hit back at team Mercedes over claims he raced hard against Lewis Hamilton at the Brazil Grand Prix (GP) in Sao Paulo Sunday.

Verstappen in dismissing these claims said that Formula One is no “kindergarten”. He was reacting to calls by Mercedes to have stewards audit the review of the race although Hamilton won.

Verstappen Defence

Mercedes wants stewards to review an incident that happened on lap-48 where the Red Bull driver is accused of hard racing. In defence Verstappen said that he would be fine if Hamilton raced this way against him.

He then told Sky Sports F1 that “If it would have been the other way around in Brazil it would have exactly played out like that.” He added that championships come with such racings intensity and that “we are not here to be in a kindergarten.”

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen. Photo/Max

What Happened in Sao Paulo?

Footage from the race shows Verstappen frantically trying to run his Mercedes rival at Turn 4 – or the infamous lap-48. The latter says this breached Race Control rules and the former should be penalized.

Immediately after the debacle, Race Control said there would be no probe at the time following the incident. Totto Wollf, the Mercedes F1 boss said this decision by stewards was laughable.

Stewards are expected to announce on Friday if they will grant Mercedes a chance for full review ahead of Qatar Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver said that Mercedes showed their true colours by calling for a full review.

Hamilton Winning in Sao Paulo

Hamilton waited for this race with bated breath after suffering a humiliating defeat by Verstappen in Mexico Grand Prix. True to his words, Hamilton dug in hard and deep to make history in Sao Paulo.The 36-year-old Mercedes driver started the race at 10th after penalties but cruised past Verstappen in the last 12 laps. It was a gruelling battle as the Red Bull driver sought to extend his lead after Mexico GP victory over Hamilton.

Sunday’s Brazil victory officially marked Hamilton’s 101st win overall. Speaking about it, Hamilton thanked his Mercedes team for being there for him and also proving that he can always achieve anything he outs to his mind.

What Did Hamilton Say after Beating Verstappen in Brazil?

“You can do anything you put your mind to! This weekend is proof. We fought this battle on the track and I am so proud of @mercedesamgf1 and my incredible teammate @valtteribottas who I couldn’t do this without,” he wrote on his socials.

“EU AMO BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Because of you I had the wind at my back this race, I can feel your energy and it makes all the difference. It’s not easy starting with a 25 place penalty, but ANYTHING is possible when you put your mind to it. We keep fighting, keep pushing.”

Hamilton Sanctioned Before Brazil Grand Prix

Hamilton’s win did not come easy as FIA penalized him over an infraction on his right-wing. It caught the stewards’ attention during the Sprint qualifying race on Friday and was sanctioned on Saturday ahead of the race.

Hamilton stole the show at Interlagos circuit before his car suffered a technical hitch meaning he could be demoted to the start of the sprint.

The seven-time Formula One champion’s car’s right-wing assembly was impounded and held overnight.

Verstappen Fined For Touching Hamilton’s Car in Sao Paulo

Verstappen was not spared either as he was caught by CCTV cameras inspecting his car and Hamilton’s against International sporting rules.

The Red Bull driver was slapped with a €50,000 fine after FIA interrogated CCTV footage.

Stewards were drawn to Verstappen’s actions when they saw him touching and inspecting Hamilton’s rear wing. He contravened Article 2.5.1 of the FIA International Sporting Code which does not allow Formula One drivers to check, tune or repair cars.

It states that no operation, checking, tuning or repair is allowed in a secure area unless with officials’ authorization. Verstappen defended himself saying it is normal to touch cars after qualifying for the sprint races.

However, FIA said that parc fermé regulations do not allow this because it is a precursor to harm.

Lewis Hamilton with Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton with Max Verstappen ready for Brazil Grand Prix. Photo/Sky Sport

Verstappen, however, downplayed the €50,000 fine lightly saying that stewards in Sao Paulo could have sumptuous dinner and bottles of expensive wine.

“It’s quite a big fine, so I hope they have a nice dinner and a lot of wine – I hope good, expensive wine, that would be nice,” he said.

Speaking of his loss to Hamilton, Verstappen said he gave it all but it wasn’t good enough. He, however, remains optimistic in the coming week as he seeks to extend his win in Qatar.

Red Bull, on the other hand, hopes Verstappen will do better than Hamilton to lift yet another title for the season.

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