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7 Interesting facts about Steph Curry

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Facts about Stephen Curry
7 Interesting facts about Steph Curry. Photo/ AP News.
  • Stephen Curry is considered by many one of the best players in the NBA
  • Steph’s father, Dell Curry, is a former NBA player who spent sixteen seasons playing in the league
  • In addition to being a standout basketball player, Steph Curry is also good at golf

One of the top faces of the NBA, there are several interesting facts about Stephen Curry you would love to know.

Since Curry is considered by many one of the best players in the NBA, basketball fans have made his life on and off the court their business. However, not every info about his life is public. In this article, we bring you seven facts about Stephen Curry that you would love to know.

1. Curry Comes From A Sporty Family

Steph Curry

Steph Curry and his family. Photo/ People Magazine.

One of the most interesting facts about Stephen Curry is that he comes from a very talented family. Steph’s father, Dell Curry, is a former NBA player who spent sixteen seasons playing in the league. His mother, Sonya, played volleyball and was a standout athlete during her college days at Virginia Tech where she actually met Steph’s father.

Seth Curry’s younger brother, Seth Curry, is a basketball player currently signed to Charlotte Hornets. The two once played together at Golden State Warriors before Seth was waived. Their younger sister, Sydel Curry, is a former college basketball player who played for Volleyball at Elon University.

2. Curry Starred In A Burger King Commercial As A Child

Steph Curry has starred in numerous commercials since becoming a prominent figure in the NBA; however, appearing in a Burger King commercial as a child is one ad that he truly treasures.

3. Steph Curry is an avid golfer

In addition to being a standout basketball player, Steph Curry is also good at golf. Curry takes his passion for golf seriously and has even participated in various golf tournaments during the off season.

Curry played golf for three years during his high school days and has previously stated that he would have been a pro golf player if not his basketball career hadn’t picked. The free mind focus needed to play golf has helped him better his skills in basketball.

Curry short two-under par at Pebble Beach in the summer of 2015 and also played golf with former US President Barrack Obama.

4. He Wears The No. 30 Jersey To Honour His Father

Steph Curry has often cited his father as a major influence on his basketball career, so he wears the jersey number 30 as a way of paying paying tribute to him. Dell Curry wore the same number throughout his basketball career.

Steph Curry

Steph Curry wears the No. 30 jersey to pay tribute to his father. Photo/ Investopedia.

5. Steph Is A Family Man

Steph Curry is married to Ayesha Curry. The two met in youth group at the Central Church of God in Charlotte, which both their families attended. They then tied the knots in 2011 and have since welcomed three kids together — Riley in 2012, Ryan in 2015, and Canon in 2018. Steph is proud of his kids and is no stranger to bringing them to post-game interviews.

6. Steph Curry Loves Popcorn So Much

Steph Curry has mentioned before that he has a popcorn problem because he simply can’t stop eating. His love for popcorn has since evolved into a league-wide phenomenon, impacting the snack experience for fans across arenas. He has a popcorn rating system, which considers factors such as saltiness, crunch, butter, temperature, and portion size. The best popcorn in the NBA according to Curry can be found in Dallas Mavericks stadium.

7. Curry Was The First Player In NBA History To Be Elected MVP By Unanimous Vote

Well, you can’t mention facts about Stephen Curry and forget his amazing performance during the 2015-16 season. Even though the Warriors didn’t win anything at the end of that season, Curry was voted the most valuable player unanimously. All 131 ballots ranked him in first place. That’s something that even Michael Jordan never achieved.

Curry averaged a career- and league-high 30.1 points and 2.1 steals per game that season. He was the first player in the NBA at any position to average 30 ‎points per game in less than 35 minutes per game over a full season, as per

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