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Mathieu Flamini: Forgotten Arsenal star now richer than Ronaldo and Messi

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Mathieu Flamini
Mathieu Flamini: Forgotten Arsenal star now richer than Ronaldo and Messi. Photo/
  • If you’re a football fan, then the name Mathieu Flamini should evoke some good memories
  • Flamini was a tough-tackling, technically gifted player best known for his time at Arsenal
  • Following his retirement in 2019, he decided to fully to wear business attire and is currently a billionaire

If you’re a football fan, then the name Mathieu Flamini should evoke some good memories about the beautiful game. Known for his tenacity on the pitch, Flamini was one of the top midfielders during his playing days. The Frenchman played a crucial role in Arsenal’s midfield for two separate stints—2004 to 2008 and 2013 to 2016.

Flamini was a tough-tackling, technically gifted player who gave the Gunners several memorable performances. He also enjoyed spells at Marseille, AC Milan, Crystal Palace and Getafe before hanging his boots in 2019. However, his name has rarely been mentioned since he swapped shin-pads and boots for business attire.

Mathieu Flamini

Mathieu Flamini with. Photo/ BeSoccer.

While some football fans have forgotten about Flamini, the 39-year-old has been doing impressively well since he fully got into business. He wasn’t among the big earners during his playing days but the former Arsenal star is now wealthy than football’s richest players Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. In fact, several sources report that Flamini is already a billionaire.

In this article, you’re going to find out how Mathieu Flamini became a billionaire, but first let’s take a look at his fortune.

How Rich Is Flamini?

While footballers are often associated with lavish lifestyles including driving expensive cars, Flamini’s financial acumen has set him apart. His net worth has been the subject of much speculation, especially due to reports that it surpasses even the financial prowess of Ronaldo and Messi, who have made millions throughout their playing career and from various business ventures.

According to several source on the internet, Flamini is worth around £10 billion, thanks to his success in the business world. One of Flamini’s most significant ventures is in the field of green chemistry. In fact, this is where he has made his billions.

What Does Mathieu Flamini Company Do? 

Mathieu Flamini is the co-founder of GF Biochemicals, a company focused on producing levulinic acid, which is a key component in the manufacturing of bio-based products. The company was actually founded back in 2008 but boomed after Flamini ended his professional football career.

Flamini owns the company alongside his business partner Pasquale Granata, which certainly explains where the GF comes from. The company has been wildly successful over the past few years and according to a report by Forbes, it was worth £10 billion back in 2020.

GF Biochemicals is the first company to produce levulinic acid on a commercial scale. The company’s success in the green chemistry sector has not only contributed to Flamini’s huge fortune but also earned him reputation as one of the brightest minds in the football world.

Flamini and his company are looking forward to environmental sustainability and innovation by tackling chemical pollution.

Flamini business venture

Pasquale Granata and Mathieu Flamini. Photo/ BBC.

“What we’re trying to achieve here is to tackle the chemical pollution. This investment is a first step of a major journey which will also move in the direction of developing key partnerships and agreements with large producers of household and industrial goods.” Flamini previously said about GF biochemicals, as per Express.

GF Biochemicals has now employed over 400 workers, with 80 based at their plant in Caserta, Italy. The levulinic acid it produces is now recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy as one of just 12 molecules than can help unlock a greener world, as per The Mirror.

Flamini’s Partnership With Mesut Ozil

Footballer turned businessman Mathieu Flamini has also partnered with his former teammate at Arsenal Mesut Ozil to launch Unity and The Unity Performance academy. The company aims to produce supplements that work with elite athletes, sports doctors, coaches and and also academics.

While sources keep claiming that Flamini is a billionaire, the retired footballer has disputed those claims stating that he doesn’t have the billions in his account.

“Well, it’s important to rectify things. Contrary to what I read, I do not have €30 billion in my bank account. And this sum does not correspond to the valuation of my company, GF Biochemicals.” Flamini told L’Equipe, as per Sports star.

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