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What you should know about Esports World Cup 2024 Games

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esports world cup 2024 games
Esports World Cup 2024. Photo/DW
  • The Online sporting world is shaping in unimaginable ways
  • There are 3 billion video gamers currently
  • Esports will soon attain a $200 million value

The online sporting world is shaping in unimaginable ways with a record 3 billion players globally. Consequently, the industry is edging closer to $200 million in value thereby giving basis to Esports World Cup 2024 Games.

What started as a pastime has evolved into a popular sport that draws millions of devoted followers each year and fills venues. Many people now favour esports over traditional sports, thanks in large part to the younger, tech-savvy, and digitally native audience. Furthermore, there’s a chance to realize this new sport’s full potential as the globe grows increasingly interconnected.


The inaugural Esports World Cup 2024 games will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia sponsored by Esports World Cup Foundation. The Arab nation will bring together the world’s elite gamers for an amazing eight-week competition. This revolutionary event transcends traditional esports tournaments by crowning not just individual champions, but also the best esports clubs in the world.

betting sports

Esports betting. Photo/Los Angeles Times

You will have an opportunity to witness iconic clashes across multiple esports titles as teams battle for ultimate glory and a share of the largest prize pool StarCraft II has ever seen. From strategic StarCraft II battles to heart-pounding team-based showdowns; the Esports World Cup 2024 promises an unforgettable experience for players and fans alike.

For the first time in its history, the Esports World Cup will pit the finest players in the world against one another in epic matches. The fierce gaming battle will determine who is the best in each game and which esports clubs are the best worldwide. This competitive structure is unique to esports so is the jam-packed schedule of thrilling events. They will all honour the gaming industry and make Riyadh a worldwide gaming destination.


A large fanbase of online games are young people with an incredible grasp of technology and their huge numbers. Moreover, players in the video games sector are eradicating ecosystem fragmentation. They are offering a centralized platform for the top games and esports athletes worldwide. This is all while adopting a cutting-edge strategy to establish the benchmark for what it means to be an esports champion globally in order to advance esports.


The Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, announced the global tournament will go down in the summer of 2024. This landmark event will be the largest of its kind globally.

Riyadh is positioning itself as a premier destination for international competitions such as this, tennis and Formula One racing.

Africa esports Championship

South Africa esports. Photo/rushesportsZA

The Crown Prince also declared the founding of the Esports World Cup Foundation. This nonprofit group is committed to encouraging cooperation among esports participants and guaranteeing the industry’s long-term survival. He met with the main industry players in planning Esports World Cup 2024 games.

According to Prince Mohammed bin Selman the World Cup is the next big step in Saudi Arabia’s drive to become the leading worldwide hub for gaming and esports. He believes that it will give an unmatched esports experience pushing the frontiers of the industry. The Saudi Prince has his focus on Vision 2030 which he is banking its progress on hosting the eight-week video gaming competition.

A part of Saudi’s Vision 2030 goal is expanding the tourism industry, diversifying the economy, and generating new employment opportunities. Also, it is looking at offering top-notch entertainment to locals and tourists alike.


The introduction of the Esports World Cup signifies the Kingdom’s ongoing commitment to nurturing and expanding the esports industry. It also speaks to its aspirations to enhance both domestic and international entertainment and sports sectors.

In addition, Saudi Arabia is capitalizing on its youthful demographic and homegrown esports achievements like the GAMERS8 tournaments. This tournament aligns with the objectives outlined in the National Gaming and Esports Strategy. This strategy aims to boost the sector’s economic contribution, generating over SAR 50 billion in GDP and creating 39,000 new job opportunities by 2030.

With a focus on fostering player and club development, the tournament boasts a diverse lineup of popular games and the largest prize pool. A major highlight is that it will feature a unique cross-game competition format that encourages clubs to vie for the title of Esports World Cup Champion. This will support the sustainable growth of the entire esports ecosystem.

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