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A deep dive into Tiger Woods net worth 2024

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Tiger Woods
A deep dive into Tiger Woods net worth 2024. Photo/ The Squander.
  • Tiger Woods is one of the most prominent figures in golf
  • Since becoming a professional, Woods has reportedly earned about $1.8 billion
  • His net worth in 2024 is estimated to be a massive $1.1 billion

A big talent in golf, Tiger Woods net worth 2024 is a matter of interest to many fans. For many years now, Woods has been the richest golfer in the world and one of the biggest earners in the sporting world. From prize money to massive endorsement deals and business ventures, there are several factors which have played a role in making Woods extremely wealthy.

According credible sources on the internet such as Forbes, Tiger Woods net worth 2024 is $1.1 billion, with nearly half of it coming from his endorsement deal with Nike. Before taking an in-depth look at Tiger Woods net worth 2024 and endorsement deals, let’s first explore his career earnings.

Tiger Woods net worth

Tiger Woods. Photo/NY Post

Tiger Woods Career Earnings

Since becoming a professional, Tiger Woods has reportedly earned about $1.8 billion. The massive figure includes his earnings from PGA Tour and other golf events.

On the PGA Tour alone, Woods has amassed over $121 million in prize money. He sits on the very top of all-time career earnings list with the actual amount being $120,954,766 as of the time of writing. On second place is another legendary player, Phil Mickelson, whose prize money on the PGA Tour is $96,572,310.

While the gap between Woods and Mickelson is not particularly close, Woods also boasts of being the only player on the Tour to reach the nine-figure mark in PGA Tour earnings.

In 2023 alone, Tiger Woods’ earning went over $75 million. For coming in second place in the PIP last year, Woods earned $12 million. He had been paid $15 million for finishing second in 2022.

What Is Tiger Woods Net Worth 2024?

As already mentioned Tiger Woods net worth 2024 is $1.1 billion. Whereas he has earned millions from participating in and winning various golf events, endorsement deals have played a massive role in the making of his fortune. In fact, $500 million of his mind-blowing net worth has come from his deal with Nike.

Tiger Woods Endorsements

Apart from Nike, Tiger Woods has had deals with various brands over the years. The American is one of the athletes who have used their skills to gather the attention of various brands. Due to his Black, Dutch, Chinese and Native American descent, many people, especially minorities, identify with him. And for that and many other reasons, brands have been competing to work with him.

Some of the brands he has signed endorsement deals with include:

  • Electronic Arts: From 1998 to 2013, Electronic Arts had a $105 million contract with Woods to star in the PGA Tour video game series. While it seemed Electronic Arts paid $Woods a huge amount, they made $771 million in sales during that period.
  • General Motors: Between 2000 and 2008, GM paid Tiger Woods a whopping $60 million for partnering with them.
  • Accenture: Accenture had a $35 million contract with Woods for their “Go on, Be a Tiger” advertising campaign.
  • Titleist: Titleist was one of the brands that began working with Woods immediately after he got into the limelight. They offered him a five year deal worth $20 million to use their golf balls, clubs and bags.
  • Gillette: Gillette has worked with various athletes, including Tiger Woods whom they offered a $20 million deal to sell their razors.

In addition, Tiger Woods also had deals with brands such as Tag Heuer, American Express and Gatorade.

Why Did Tiger Woods And Nike Part Ways

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods. Photo/ NBC4 Washington.

While Tiger Woods net worth 2024 shows he is one of only a handful worth of over $1 billion, he has every reason to be thankful to his endorsement with Nike. For close to three decades, Woods was one of the faces of Nike and he was paid a fortune for it.

When he first entered in a deal with Nike in 1996, he was paid $40 million. In 2001, Nike offered him a new five-year deal worth $100 million. His next deal was then worth a massive $160 million. But it was the 2013 contract that played a massive role in making him a billionaire. According to sources, the 10-year contract saw Nike earn a whopping $200 million.

Nike have been with Woods through thick and thin, even at the wake of his numerous infidelities when other brands parted ways with him. While there are no credible sources explaining why the two parted ways, we can conclude that the two opted not to renew their deal.

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