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formula 1 2024
Formula One team Haas. Photo/Haas F1 team
  • Formula 1 2024 season is back with a lot of intrigues
  • It is a season that will carry raw emotions and a lot of lessons
  • Max Verstappen is gearing up for a fourth World Championship title

Formula 1 2024 season is back with a lot of intrigues. It is a season that will carry raw emotions and a lot of lessons from the previous season.

But what is happening now and is there something F1 fans should expect with this new season? Is Max Verstappen gearing up for a fourth World Championship title. Is Mercedes ready to get back to the wining circle it started in 2014?

SportsLeo looks at all this. Read on and find out what this season looks like for motoring fans.

What is Happening in Formula 1 2024 So Far?

The year started with a few unseen moves in some teams but it is all worthwhile. Here it is.

Haas Fires Guenther Steiner

Haas unceremoniously sacked team principal Guenther Steiner on January 10. It was one of the most distasteful firing in Formula One.

Slater said Steiner was not given the chance to say his goodbyes to the Haas personnel after his shock exit, with his growing popularity and subsequent projects flagged up as potential contributors.

He joined the team in 2016 and restructured it to what it is today. Reasons for his sacking border on his. After a promising fifth-place finish in 2018, Haas’ results stagnated and even regressed. They finished 9th in 2019, 10th in 2021, and a dismal last in 2023.

formula 1 2024

Former Haas team principal Guenther Steiner. Photo/Sky Sports

Secondly, 2022 FIA regulation changes proved particularly challenging for Haas. Their car design philosophy, heavily reliant on Ferrari parts, seemed less effective under the new rules. Steiner’s inability to adapt and find new solutions might have played a role in the team’s struggles. For this, he made headlines for Formula 1 2024 season.

Lastly, Steiner’s additional projects, including his book ‘Surviving to Drive’ and his involvement with CBS for a potential comedy show role sped up his firing. He did all of this while his team struggled to perform.

Ayao Komatsu Takes Over Haas

Ayao Komatsu who served as the team’s engineering director. Steiner always came off as abrasive and rubbed off a couple of times with key decision makers in F1. He offended the powers that be but this made him a fan favourite.

Steiner was the third most popular team principal after Toto Wolff (Mercedes) and Christian Horner (Red Bull). Gene Haas has a lot of hope in Komatsu in raising the team’s profile because he is not ready to sell it.

The Japanese engineer joined the team in 2016, same as Steiner. Born in Japan, he opted to pursue his higher education at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom.

formula 1 2024

Ayao Komatsu. Photo/Haas F1 team

Initially focusing on automotive engineering, he earned his Bachelor of Engineering in 1999 before advancing to a Ph.D. program in vehicle dynamics and control at the same institution. Subsequently, he has held prominent engineering positions at Haas, deciding to remain in Formula 1 with the team following Grosjean’s exit from the sport to join IndyCar in the United States.

As the director of engineering for Haas, he played a pivotal role within the team. He collaborated closely with Steiner and occupied a spot on the notably compact Haas pit wall to oversee the on-track activities of the cars.

FIA Power Struggles

Top of major development in Formula 1 2024 season are ugly power battles at the FIA. Mohammed Ben Sulayem says there are people within the organization delighting in hurting him. He has been walking on hot coal following remarks posted in his website many years ago viewed as sexist.

However, he insists that those who feel that he doesn’t deserve to lead the FIA over these remarks are only harbouring ill will towards him.

Mercedes Comeback

f1 race in africa

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. Photo/GB News

The German team hasn’t had it any easy in the last two seasons mainly due to design flaws in the W13 and W14 cars respectively. These cars negatively impacted Hamilton’s performance and he is both fearful and optimistic as the Formula 1 2024 season takes shape.

Red Bull Dominance

Will Verstappen rally to his fourth championship win this season yet again? Only time will tell. Other F1 teams have made considerable improvements to their designs and it could be a close calling season for the Milton Keynes team.

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