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Christian Horner advises Toto Wolff on winning next season

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christian horner advices toto wolff
Red Bull team principal Christian Horner with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff. Photo/GP Fans
  • Wolff joined Mercedes in 2013
  • Mercedes had an amazing eight-year winning streak
  • Red Bull has now dominated the competition

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner advises Toto Wolff to focus on motivating his Mercedes team if he want to win next season.

Horner remarked that when a winning team faces hardships, people tend to lose interest which is why the Mercedes team principal should rekindle his team’s enthusiasm.

When Wolff joined Mercedes in 2013, that season served as a sneak peek at the team’s future record-breaking triumph.

Mercedes would go on an amazing eight-year winning streak in the Constructors’ Championship between 2014 and 21. During that same period, the team also won seven Drivers’ titles with Lewis Hamilton carrying them all.

Red Bull has dominated the competition in their comeback to the top rank, winning 21 of the 22 grand prix in Formula One 2023.

Mercedes has had much harder times lately, having only won one since the implementation of ground effect aerodynamics for 2022.

Hamilton’s dream for an eighth championship title has remained elusive after the controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

christian horner advices toto wolff

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff. Photo/ESPN

Christian Horner Advises Toto Wolff

After failing to win this season, Horner is aware that people would look down on Mercedes as their baron spell grows. Horner says Wolff must inspire his troops for this rehabilitation quest, which is extremely different from the experiences of sitting atop the Formula One mountain.

Speaking at Sky Sports F1 podcast, the Red Bull boss said that Wolff is battling a major challenge. Winning for years and then lagging behind according to Horner is a huge challenge for Wolff.

“He came into the sport on the back of a winning team and enjoyed a huge period of success, serial success for seven or eight years and then suddenly, it’s a big adjustment to not be going to grands prix…and I think Mercedes have won one race in the last two seasons,” he stated.

As a leader in F1, Horner understands that losing hurts and it breeds doubt within the team. The aftermath is team morale plummeting and this is where Wolff comes in as a key motivator for the team.

Red Bull Losing Streak

Speaking from experience, Horner has witnessed Red Bull’s string of four title doubles for Drivers and Constructors between 2010 and 2013 culminating in a protracted absence from the title stage.

Red Bull

Red Bull’s car.|PHOTO: Sky Sports|

Red Bull was able to rebuild thanks to the platform provided by switching to Honda power in 2019.

Horner highlighted his delight in the team’s ascent back to the top of the Formula One rankings following the difficult period that resulted in the termination of their Renault power unit contract.

His takeaway on leading a winning team differs from leading one that is striving to return is also eye-opening. He remarked that the role of such a leader is making sure that people believe in themselves and instill confidence.

Horner’s mindset is that over time, winning creates expectations. And when a team that has been consistently successful starts facing losses, scrutiny and challenges arise.

The inevitability of pointing fingers and increased pressure on the team becomes apparent when the established pattern of winning is disrupted.

“During the period that we weren’t able to be in a winning position, which was largely out of our control, we were still winning races in every single year, two or three races. Bar 2015, we won a minimum of two or three races every year. At the places that we could do so, where the engine disadvantage was nullified,” he adds.

Red Bull’s 2023 F1 car has been a force to be reckoned with, dominating the competition with its impressive speed and performance.

Still, Mercedes hasn’t been able to match up to Max Verstappen’s performance due to its W14 challenges.

Wolff and his team of engineers have tried to make several changes but RB19 still reign on the tracks.

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