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Jane Wacu, the hottest volleyball player fans miss endlessly

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jane wacu malkia strikers
Jane Wacu, a retired Malkia Strikers player. Photo/Standard/Volleyballworld
  • Kenyan national women’s volleyball team Malkia Strikers is the face of Africa
  • Jane Wacu, now retired commanded such great influence
  • The retired Malkia Strikers player is an enduring legend

Kenyan national women’s volleyball team Malkia Strikers is the face of Africa and Jane Wacu, now retired commanded such great influence.

The retired Malkia Strikers player is an enduring legend who had a way of captivating audiences both on and off the volleyball court. Her graceful presence, lethal skills, agility, and contagious passion left spectators and admirers alike in awe.

Wacu’s breathtaking beauty and model-like physique belie her true identity as a volleyball court assassin. Whether on-screen or in the newspapers, she remains an unforgettable force.


Born on March 24, 1985, in Nyeri, Kenya, Jane Wacu paints a tough childhood riddled with financial struggles. Despite her humble background, her love for sports, particularly volleyball, burned brightly from a young age. Wacu’s early involvement in this sport at school showcased her exceptional potential.

In 2000, she caught the attention of Kenya Pipeline, a prominent volleyball club in the country, and was recruited. Her swift rise within the club established her as a pivotal figure, aiding Kenya Pipeline in clinching several national championships, with Wacu being crowned the league’s MVP in 2002.

jane wacu malkia strikers

Jane Wacu. Photo/People Daily Kenya

Wacu’s journey to international recognition commenced in 2003 when she earned a spot on the Kenyan national volleyball team, the Malkia Strikers. Her international debut took place at the 2003 African Volleyball Championship, where Kenya secured a silver medal.

Subsequently, Wacu represented Kenya in numerous global competitions, including the All-Africa Games, where her remarkable journey continued. Although volleyball is a huge part of her career, she doubles up as a Kenya Prisons Service officer.


Wacu remains an exceptional talent for Malkia Strikers. Her mark of agility and success lingered on between 2007 and 2013 after joining Kenya Prisons. It greatly motivated her to become better and do better in her art. Her exceptional skills and charisma made her a beloved figure among fans, and she played an instrumental role for both the Wardresses and Malkia Strikers.

Wacu was one of the best players in the history of the Strikers. She was a versatile player who could play multiple positions, including setter, outside hitter, and middle blocker. Her athleticism was a big boost for the team. Many volleyball fans never forget about her powerful serve, and her ability to read the game well.

Her analytic nature enabled Kenya to succeed on the international volleyball stage. It was during her tenure that Kenya won numerous medals. These medals were from:

  • African Volleyball Championship
  • All-Africa Games
  • FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship

She said in past interviews that her leadership skills also helped a lot in putting Kenyan women’s volleyball on the global map. Wacu was full of positive energy which motivated her teammates in a big way and this fostered the team spirit to aim higher.


jane wacu malkia strikers

Former Malkia Strikers player. Photo/Capital NewsHer outstanding performance with the Kenyan national women’s volleyball team eventually led to a remarkable opportunity to play in France. She joined VBC Chamalieres where she played for a while. Being in France made her appreciate the French culture.


After an illustrious career spanning over 16 years, Jane Wacu bid farewell to the volleyball stage in 2022. Her decision to leave Malkia Strikers was to allow other Kenyan talents to take up the opportunity and work towards their dream like she did.

She left a legacy befitting a queen of the sport both in Kenya and on the international scene. In an interview with Standard Sports, she expressed her gratitude for her remarkable journey and her deep connection to the sport, referring to volleyball as her life.

Wacu proudly recounted her achievements, which include Club Championships, World Championships, World Cup, Olympics, All African Games, and the World Club Cup. She acknowledged the rarity of reaching such heights in Kenyan volleyball and expressed her satisfaction in having accomplished these milestones.

With a selfless and forward-thinking perspective, Wacu emphasized the importance of paving the way for emerging talents and future stars. She recognized that the time had come for her to step aside and make room for the younger generation while acknowledging the finite nature of an athlete’s career.


In her parting words, Wacu underscores the importance of embracing new opportunities when they arise, reflecting a humble and gracious champion. Now based in Seychelles, Wacu emphasizes on the need for self-discipline, respect and humility. With pride, she says one is bound to fail but with humility, success follows you endlessly.

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