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why is women's volleyball more popular than men's
Female volleyball players. Photo/NBC Sports
  • Sports dynamics play out especially in fanbase
  • The fame surrounding women’s volleyball is intense
  • Millions of viewers keenly follow these games for more than one reason

Sports dynamics play out especially in fanbase and an interesting case to look at is why is women’s volleyball more popular than men’s.

The fame surrounding women’s volleyball is intense and its weight rocks the international sporting arena during the Olympics. Millions of viewers keenly follow these games for more than one reason. Female players exhibit a different level of talent and iconic beauty which is an added point on the glamour of the sport.


Being an accessible sport requiring minimal equipment and not reliant on a specific socioeconomic background partly explains why is women’s volleyball more popular than men’s. Its adaptability for indoor and outdoor play offers convenience and versatility for girls, making it more interesting for fans.

why is women's volleyball more popular than men's

A women’s volleyball team. Photo/NBC Sports

Furthermore, the emphasis on teamwork and communication in volleyball is particularly appealing. Women’s teams foster a sense of cooperation and unity amongst them in an admirable way which inspires and empowers many other girls. Additionally, volleyball’s multi-faceted skill requirements have a way of charming people when it comes to female players.

Different American studies show that volleyball has a noticeable demographic skew towards women. There are over 320 NCAA institutions supporting women’s volleyball, compared to only a handful for men’s volleyball. One contributing factor to its appeal to women is its non-contact nature. Additionally, some women appreciate the sport’s elegance and finesse.

In a noteworthy trend, women’s volleyball has surpassed basketball in high school participation over the couple of years, marking a historic shift. This shift is attributed to the sport’s growing attractiveness among female athletes. On the school level, women’s volleyball programs are widely available, with over 15,000 high schools offering them.

In contrast, men’s volleyball programs only have limited support, primarily concentrated in the West Coast region. This disparity in program availability underscores the sport’s gender-specific participation trends. Famously but in hushed tones, the rare beauty exposed by the tiny and tight sporting shorts bait a lot fans. This according to some volleyball fans explains why is women’s volleyball more popular than men’s.


The primary distinctions between men’s and women’s volleyball revolve around the physical attributes of the players and the rules of the game. In terms of physical attributes, men typically possess greater height and strength, affording them advantages in power and jumping ability.

Male volleyball players average around 6’2″ in height and 185 pounds in weight, while their female counterparts average about 5’10” in height and 145 pounds in weight.

Regarding the rules of the game, key differences include the height of the net, set higher at 7’4″ for men’s volleyball and 7’0″ for women’s volleyball to accommodate male players’ greater height and jumping ability. The number of touches allowed per side before the ball must be hit over the net also varies; men’s teams have three touches, while women’s teams have four, allowing the latter more time for strategic plays.

Other distinctions include the faster pace and increased aggression in men’s volleyball, while women’s volleyball tends to be slower-paced and more strategic, often featuring deceptive and set plays.


why is women's volleyball more popular than men's

A volleyball match. Photo/interest

Women’s volleyball outfits are often skimpy for several reasons. Firstly, skimpy attire enhances performance by allowing players greater freedom of movement. In a sport requiring quick jumps, squats, and lateral movements, comfort and agility are crucial. Moreover, skimpy outfits improve aerodynamics, reducing drag on the body, which can impact speed and manoeuvrability during play.

Historically, the sport took place on beaches where skimpy clothing is the norm, and this tradition has carried over to indoor competitions. Aesthetically, some find these outfits more visually appealing than baggy or loose-fitting alternatives, though personal preference varies.

The tiny and revealing outfits point to why is women’s volleyball more popular than men’s. However, it’s essential to recognize that not all female volleyball players wear skimpy outfits. Some opt for more modest attire, such as longer shorts and sleeves, and this is fully acceptable. There’s no pressure on players to conform to skimpy outfits if they don’t feel comfortable in them, highlighting the importance of individual choice in the sport.


Women volleyball is deeply fascinating. The player dynamism in this sport is incredible, a factor that is behind its viral growth across the world today.

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