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Botswana spent $6.04 million to bid for AFCON 2027

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botswana afcon 2027
Botswana Sports Minister Tumiso Rakgare . Photo/News Invasion 24
  • Botswana spent a whopping $6.04 million (USD 6,040,000) on its bid for the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)
  • Botswana Sports Minister Tumiso Rakgare put the figure in public a while ago
  • This triggered criticism

Botswana spent a whopping $6.04 million (USD 6,040,000) on its bid for the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) but lost to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Botswana Sports Minister Tumiso Rakgare put the figure in public a while ago and it has since become the subject of much scrutiny and criticism, with many questioning the prudence of such a hefty investment.


In an attempt to justify the cost, Ruben Reddy, the head of the South African firm, Ruben Reddy Architects, which was contracted to create the 569-page bid document, explained that the bid book was “a complex and comprehensive document that required a significant amount of time, effort and expertise to produce.”

Kenya host AFCON 2027

AFCON Trophy. Photo/Sporting NEws

Reddy also pointed out that Botswana was bidding against some of the most affluent countries in Africa, such as Egypt and Algeria, and that it was therefore imperative to produce a bid book that was of the highest quality.

However, critics have argued that the cost of the bid book was still excessive, especially given Botswana’s relatively small economy. They have also pointed out that the country has a number of other pressing needs, such as poverty and unemployment, and that the money spent on the bid book could have been better used elsewhere.

In addition, some critics have questioned the transparency of the bidding process, and have alleged that there may have been corruption involved.


Despite the criticism, the Botswana government has defended its decision to spend so much money on the bid book. In a statement, the government said that it was “confident that the bid book was of the highest quality, and that it gave Botswana the best possible chance of winning the hosting rights.”

The Botswana government also said that it was committed to developing sports in Botswana, and that the country’s bid for the AFCON was part of this wider strategy. However, its defense has done little to appease critics, and the issue of the cost of the bid book is likely to remain a topic of debate for some time to come.


In hindsight, there are a number of things that Botswana could have done differently in its bid for the AFCON. Firstly, the country could have partnered with other countries in the region to submit a joint bid. This would have helped to spread the cost of the bid book, and would have also given Botswana a better chance of winning, as it would have allowed the country to draw on the resources and expertise of its neighbors.

Secondly, Botswana could have negotiated a lower fee with the South African firm that was contracted to create the bid book. The $6.04 million fee is a significant sum of money, and it is likely that Botswana could have found another company to do the job for less.

Thirdly, Botswana could have been more transparent about the bidding process. This would have helped to avoid allegations of corruption, and would have also made it easier for the public to understand and support the country’s bid.

botswana afcon 2027

Botswana spent $6 million to bod for AFCON 2027. Photo/X Myscbw]


Despite the failure to win the bid for the AFCON, the Botswana government has said that it is still committed to developing sports in the country. The government has invested heavily in sports infrastructure in recent years, and has also established a number of programs to promote sports participation at all levels.

However, there are still a number of challenges that need to be addressed before Botswana can achieve its full potential in sports. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of funding. The government’s budget for sports is relatively small, and this makes it difficult to support high-performance athletes and teams.

Another challenge is the lack of qualified coaches and administrators. Botswana needs to invest in training and development programs to ensure that it has the people in place to support its athletes and teams.


Finally, Botswana needs to do more to promote sports participation at the grassroots level. This will help to create a strong foundation for future success in high-performance sport.

Despite the challenges, the future looks bright for Botswana sports. The country has a number of talented athletes, and the government is committed to developing sports. With the right investment and support, Botswana could become a major force in African sport in the years to come.

Teresa is a journalist with years of experience in creating web content. She is a wanderlust at heart, but an outgoing sports writer with focus on tennis, athletics, football, motorsports and NBA.

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