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Who is Tigist Assefa, the 2023 Berlin Marathon champion?

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Tigist Assefa marathon
Ethiopian marathoner Tigist Assefa. Photo/Sky News
  • Tigist Assefa marathon career put Ethiopia in her right place
  • The Ethiopian is the current world record holder in the Berlin Marathon
  • Moreover, she is also the first Ethiopian woman to win the Berlin Marathon

Tigist Assefa marathon career put Ethiopia in her right place as far as long-distance running is concerned.

The Ethiopian is the current world record holder in the Berlin Marathon. She set the record on September 25, 2023, with a time of 2:11:53. This time was over two minutes faster than the previous world record, set by Kenyan marathoner Brigid Kosgei in 2019. Assefa’s victory was a stunning achievement, as she had only run her first marathon in April 2022.

Moreover, she is also the first Ethiopian woman to win the Berlin Marathon. Her victory is a testament to her talent and dedication. She is a rising star in the world of long-distance running, and she is sure to achieve even greater things in the future. In addition to her athletic achievements, Assefa is now an icon to young girls back in Ethiopia looking at starting a career in athletics.


Tigist Assefa marathon

Ethiopian marathoner Tigist Assefa. Photo/Runners World

As stunning as Tigist Assefa marathon career is, she is only 27 years old. She was born on December 3, 1996, in Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa. She grew up in a poor family, and she had to work hard to support herself and her siblings. Perhaps it is her humble beginnings that pushed her to being athletic while still young.

When Assefa was 15 years old, she was discovered by a coach who saw her potential. The coach invited Assefa to join his running club, where she commenced professional training. She quickly rose through the ranks of the Ethiopian running scene and this motivated her to keep moving.

In 2014, Assefa made her international debut at the World Junior Championships in Athletics. She won a silver medal in the 800-meter race. She continued to improve in the following years, and she won a bronze medal in the 800-meter race at the 2016 African Championships.

She was always in the picture in the sprint races but she pulled a surprise in the name of Tigist Assefa marathon. No one ever saw it coming that Assefa would switch to marathon. She made her marathon debut in April 2022, and she finished in third place with a time of 2:20:36. This time was the third-fastest ever by a marathon debutant.


Tigist Assefa marathon victory at the 2023 Berlin Marathon was remarkable for many reasons. She shattered the world record by over two minutes, and she became the first Ethiopian woman to win the race. But one of the most intriguing aspects of her victory was her footwear.

Assefa was wearing the Adidas Adios Pro Evo 1, a new type of running shoe that is designed to improve performance. The shoe is made with a lightweight carbon plate and a highly responsive foam midsole. These features work together to reduce energy expenditure and improve propulsion. The Adios Pro Evo 1 is part of a new generation of running shoes that are known as “super shoes.”

These shoes are designed to help runners run faster and longer. Her victory in Berlin is a testament to the effectiveness of super shoe technology. It is also a sign that super shoes are becoming increasingly popular among elite runners.

tigist assefa ethiopia

Tigist Assefa. Photo/The Times

Super shoes are designed to improve running performance in a number of ways. First, they are very lightweight. This reduces the amount of energy that runners have to expend when they lift their feet. Second, super shoes have a highly responsive midsole. This means that the midsole returns energy to the runner with each step. This can help runners to run faster and longer.

Some people argue that super shoes are unfair because they give runners an unfair advantage. However, others argue that super shoes are simply a new type of technology that is available to all runners. They also state that super shoes are only as effective as the runner who is wearing them.


Adidas sponsors Tigist Assefa marathon endeavor from way before she ditched the 800m race. She admits that the German sportswear manufacturer has walked with her every step of the way. It’s part of her journey to a top athlete.

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