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Former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales to appear in court

Former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales to appear in court
Former Spanish FA president Luis Rubuiales is set to appear in a Madrid court. | PHOTO: CNN |
  • The former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales has been summoned to a Madrid court’
  • Rubiales will appear before a magistrate on Friday in connection to Jenni Hermoso kiss saga
  • Hermoso’s complaint was accepted by a judge and led to Rubiales resigning as Spanish FA president

Former president of the Spanish FA (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, has been summoned to appear in a Madrid court to address allegations of sexual assault and coercion. These accusations stem from an incident in which Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso without her consent after the Women’s World Cup final.

Hermoso took legal action against Rubiales, and her complaint was officially accepted by a judge in Madrid. The case has now been assigned to a magistrate for investigation, who will determine whether it should proceed to trial or be dismissed.

Originally, Hermoso’s complaint centered on sexual assault, but prosecutors have since included allegations of coercion. This new aspect relates to purported pressure from Rubiales and his associates on the player’s family to indicate that she was comfortable with the incident.

Luis Rubiales: Ex-Spain FA president to appear in court

Former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales is accused of non-consensually kissing Spain Women’s player Jenni Hermoso during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. | PHOTO: Sky Sports |

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Following the incident, Rubiales initially offered an apology but refused to step down from his position as RFEF president. He characterized the situation as “persecution” by “false feminism” and claimed that the kiss was “spontaneous, mutual, and consensual.” However, Hermoso firmly refuted these claims, denouncing Rubiales’s statements as “categorically false” and part of a manipulative culture that he himself had fostered.

Remarkably, RFEF threatened Hermoso with legal action, which prompted FIFA to suspend Rubiales. Spanish players collectively refused to represent the national team, leading to the resignation of the coaching staff, with the exception of head coach Jorge Vilda, who was eventually dismissed.

RFEF even attempted to secure a suspension from UEFA, a move that would have resulted in the expulsion of all Spanish club and national teams from UEFA competitions, in a bid to protect Rubiales. However, this request was denied.

Ultimately, the federation issued a belated apology to the global football community. Rubiales has since resigned from his position as RFEF president, citing pressure as the primary reason for his departure rather than an acknowledgment of wrongdoing. He remains steadfast in his determination to contest the allegations.

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