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Magic behind pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in America

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what to know about pickleball
A pickleball match. Photo/San Francisco Chronicle
  • Pickleball is rated among the rapidly growing sports in the world
  • It has earned a place among the sports that will make you feel so active
  • It is easy to learn

Rated among the rapidly growing sports in the world, it is important to delve on what to know about pickleball.

As a quick-moving paddle activity swiftly rising to the top of the list of global sports, it has earned a place among the sports that will make you feel so active. You get to meet new people and have fun while at it. If you are looking at staying fit in a different way, consider taking lessons in pickleball.


Focusing on what to know about pickleball, one of the most important aspects about it is that both young and old people can play at any time. It is easy to learn the playing skills but absolutely demanding in mastering its moves. It is a low-impact activity, making it a wonderful alternative for anyone with mobility issues or injuries.

what to know about pickleball

Pickleballs and paddles. Photo/Universal Tennis Blog

Ideally, this new sport fuses elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. It makes use of a minor modified tennis net on a badminton-sized indoor or outdoor court. Players strike a plastic ball with holes over the net with paddles. Hitting the ball in such a way that your opponent cannot return it, earns you points.

While still on the technique, a pickleball net is lower by two inches compared to a standard tennis net. Further, pickleball is a wonderful exercise because an average game could burn up to 300 calories.


As far as what to know about pickleball is concerned, you need the following skills on a pickleball court.

Dink volleys and dinking: A dink is a soft, low-trajectory shot hit just over the net while a dink volley is a hit with a soft touch. Dinks and dink volleys are both used to slow down the game, make the other team hit up, and set up other shots.

Non-volley zone line attack: It entails striking the ball forcefully from a position close to the non-volley zone line. This skill puts pressure on the opponent and makes them vulnerable to making errors which creates a perfect scoring opportunity.

Baseline technique: Having the baseline technique in mind enables the player to gain dominance in the game by pushing their opponent to hit up the ball.

Other skills you a pickleball player must have include:

  • Resetting & Blocking from the non-volley zone line & mid-court
  • Technique on transition skill
  • Serves
  • Returns Lobs


There are 10 rules that makeup what to know about pickleball or, rather; they sum up what pickleball etiquette is all about. Here they are:

  1. Pickleball uses an underhand serve.
  2. Both the serve and the return of the serve must bounce.
  3. The first side to serve in doubles pickleball only has one service turn (i.e. serve until the serving team loses a rally); then, each side has two service turns (i.e. each player serves until the serving team loses a rally).
  4. Generally, only the serving team can score points, and the serving team switches sides of the court after each point won. 5.
  5. The server should call the score loudly before each serves. 6. No volleys are allowed while making contact with the Non-Volley Zone (also known as the Kitchen).
  6. Shots after the pickleball bounces are allowed in the Non-Volley Zone.
  7. Shots on the lines of the pickleball court are “in,” with one exception the Non-Volley Zone line on the serve is “out.”
  8. “Out” calls are made by the pickleball players on the side of the pickleball court where the pickleball bounces.
  9. If the pickleball hits you (other than below your wrist, such as o finger), then you lose the rally.
pickleball match

A Pickleball match. Photo/The New York Times

Moreover, in all circumstances, the Pickleball Official Rules govern the game. So, be kind and respectful to all players, officials, volunteers, staff members, and fans. If you don’t know any of the players, introduce yourself and never speak crudely or make lewd gestures.


Finding someone who is an avid pickleball player is the fastest and most effective method to get started. An excellent pickleball star certainly takes every precaution to ensure that you get off to a great start in the sport. And there is no better way to learn it all than with a great hand with all the techniques in play.


You now know what to know about pickleball and it is certainly an enjoyable game to say the least. Learning it is easy regardless of age.

Teresa is a journalist with years of experience in creating web content. She is a wanderlust at heart, but an outgoing sports writer with focus on tennis, athletics, football, motorsports and NBA.

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