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borris becker
Boris Becker. Photo/News in Germany
  • Boris Becker is about to open up on his time in prison
  • He also goes to depth on how he cheated with a Russian model
  • He regrets everything that happened to him and his ex-wife Barbara

Former German tennis star Boris Becker is about to open up on his time in prison and the effects of dating a Russian model in a new Apple documentary dubbed ‘Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker’.

The documentary which will premiere soon has Becker talking about his rise in tennis from a young age. Now 55, he plaintively recalls his eight months in prison in the UK before deportation to Germany in December 2022.

From Thursday’s trailer of the documentary, Becker talks about everything that matters in his life, whether good or bad.


One of the things you pick from the ‘Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker’ documentary trailer by Apple is about his affairs.

Borris Becker

Borris Becker. Photo/The Mirror


He talks of his moments dating a Russian model and the aftermath of all this was his marriage ending with a bitter touch. Becker had a brief relationship with Angela Ermakova, a Russian-born model in 1999.

With just a one-night of intimacy, Ermakova would open a can of worms eight months later with news of pregnancy from their one-night stand. This effectively ended his marriage with Barbara, his wife at the time.

“She came in, she had a big coat on. She took the coat off and she was heavily pregnant. You just can’t believe it. The wake-up call came very late,” he recalls. It is something he never forgets that he speaks about it in his autobiography released in 2003.

Imagine this. He slept with the model on the night Barbara went to the hospital after developing complications with her pregnancy. She was heavily pregnant with their son Elias. But Becker’s urge for Ermakova pushed him into sinning in a broom cupboard of London’s restaurant Nobu.

He was seated at the restaurant’s bar section and he couldn’t help but notice the lustful glance Ermakova was throwing his way. At one point, she stood and headed toward the bathroom with a direct glance at Becker and the next thing he knows is that he followed her. That’s how they ended up in Nobu’s broom cupboard.


Although Becker is the main player in this documentary, tennis players such as the legendary Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe also have a say. Novak Djokovic who Becker coached after his retirement also features in the documentary. They speak as acquaintances of the six-time grand slam champion.


London’s Southwark Crown Court found Becker guilty of four charges under the Insolvency Act. He was indicted for among others, hiding 2.5 million pounds in assets to avoid paying his obligations in a bankruptcy trial he was battling.

Becker had been declared bankrupt in June 2017 over unpaid loans totalling more than $5 million. His Mallorca estate served as collateral. In 2012, Becker immigrated to the UK after receiving a ten-year prison term in Munich for tax cheating. Becker in the Apple documentary will likely expound on lying about his residential address between 1991 and 1993.

The Munich District Court said that he hid his actual home address to avoid paying a $3.3 million Deutsche Mark tax bill. With all this tainted history and glaring facts of his deliberate move to hide his wealth, he got 30 months behind bars. It was his lowest moment, from a star to a prisoner.

“I’ve hit my bottom. But that’s not the end yet, there is going to be another chapter,” he says in a tearful voice in the trailer of the Apple documentary. Boris Becker

Boris Becker. Photo/The Telegraph


Another riveting scene you can expect from Boris Becker Apple documentary is his experience in a British jail. He terms it extremely dangerous and survival of the fittest. The German tennis champion jogs his memory to the day he got to his single prison cell. Although it had a TV, it was dirty but TV time helps while the hours away, he told German-based SAT TV Tonight.

Besides this, the room had a very tiny hole for ventilation, he narrates in the interview in which he was paid $534,000 to appear.

“That’s it. This was my home. What we don’t have in the cell is a mirror. You can break it and use it as a weapon. When I saw myself for the first time after detention, I was frightened,” the told the German TV station.

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