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Jarred Bowen
Jarred Bowen. Photo by Eurosport
  • Jarrod Bowen takes it hands down on matters speed on the pitch
  • He is left-footed like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
  • He is one of the best players West Ham has

Jarrod Bowen takes it hands down on matters speed on the pitch. He is among the most agile players Premier League has, a plus for his West Ham team.

So good is he that Arsenal made a call for him. Bowen had an outstanding campaign in the 2021–2022 season, contributing to 24 goals in 36 games. That’s a huge record.

As the team’s leading scorer, Bowen is now tied with Michail Antonio, and it seems likely that he will reach double digits in both goals and assists this season.

The Englishman is in the best shape. When looking at the top five leagues as a whole, it is easy to understand why Bowen is getting so much attention. If he earns one more England cap, West Ham United will reportedly pay Assem and Ehab Allam a sum of £1 million.

Jarred Bowen

Jarred Bowen. Photo by Stadium Astro

In January 2020, the Hammers acquired Bowen from Hull City after a £14 million upfront payment. Yet his tact is astoundingly one of a marvel the football world has.

His transfer price right now ranges from €37M to €61M. He transferred to West Ham from Hull City to in 2020 for €21.3 million. His witty performance matches every penny Ham paid to acquire him.


Jarrod Bowen is left-footed and wears a ‘No.20’ jersey. So powerful is his left foot kick that he has at multiple times served as a traditional winger.

When defending against Bowen, keep in mind that he is left-footed, and prefers to play in the half-spaces. He has an excellent technical foundation and is forthright, nimble, and goal-oriented. Though he isn’t a particularly high-volume passer, his passes are usually quite dangerous, especially when they come from the half-court.

He’s deadly in front of the net, and his anticipatory skills allow him to know just when to break into open space and make runs. Any football squad would be lucky to have a left-footed player on it. However, four out of the six best players of all time are left-footed, despite the fact that only 19% of professional footballers favour their left foot.

Lionel Messi, the best footballer on the planet, kicks with his left foot. Research from Aberdeen College in the UK reveals some intriguing results. Studies conducted at the professional level confirmed that a similar proportion of players to the general population are right-footed (79%).

Yet, left-footed players are noticeably more difficult to defend against and get around than others. In percentage terms, this means that 65 per cent of the world’s best 20 soccer players are right-footed and 35 per cent are left-footed.

It appears that left-footed soccer players achieve better results than would be predicted. Jarred Bowen serves as a perfect example. This is primarily due to the fact that fewer people than right-footed persons play soccer, hence most players have less experience defending against a left-footed player.

Practice makes perfect, so if there’s something you want to grow better at, go ahead and do some work on it. Also, most soccer players have had more experience defending against right-footed players than left-footed players during the course of their careers.

Jarred Bowen

Jarred Bowen. Photo by SkySports

Left-foot kickers are always prepared to beat goalkeepers and defenders who favour the use of their right foot. This distinction could be misunderstood at first glance. It can’t possibly make that big of a difference, right? Sometimes, though, the significance of these subtle distinctions is underestimated.

Besides Bowen’s left foot, other left-footed world-class players include the following:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo
  2. Paul Pogba
  3. Paul Pogba
  4. Neymar
  5. Andrés Iniesta
  6. Mesut Ozil
  7. Gareth Bale
  8. Mohamed Salah
  9. Ángel Di María
  10. Gerard Piqué
  11. Sergio Ramos


Jarrod Bowen is 26 years old. He is British and also plays for England’s national team.


Jarrod Bowen is a West Ham winger who is offensive to rivals. One of his roles in the team is taking on and beating opposing fullbacks. He also provides cut-backs or crosses from the flanks, and, to a lesser extent, takes on and beats defenders.

Bowen also has a reputation for scoring goals from close range. Due to his position, he is among the quickest players on the field and is very adept at dribbling the ball.

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