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Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka is a British Nigerian. Photo by FootballLondon365
  • Bukayo Saka is among the most promising players in the European football championships
  • He has never visited Nigeria but speaks Yoruba
  • He first played for Greenford Celtic before moving to Arsenal

Bukayo Saka is among the most promising players in the European football championships despite his Nigerian origin. His popularity in Nigeria keeps growing, despite the fact that he plays for England.

Now 21 years old, his charisma at the Three Lions – England’s national team – is historic. Perhaps it’s a genetic thing given that he is an A student as well.  He grew up in west London in a home led by Nigerian parents who immigrated to the UK. Saka identifies more with his English upbringing and it’s justified by every measure.

He first played for Greenford Celtic before moving to Arsenal. His talent automatically drew the notice of Nigerian fans while playing for England at multiple age levels. The fact that he was playing for Arsenal, which enjoys great Nigerian support due to the formidable Nwankwo Kanu built his fan back home.

There was widespread hope that Saka might one day represent Nigeria by playing for the Super Eagles. But it just wasn’t meant to be. The agile attacker made his choice to represent England on October 1, 2020, during the 60th anniversary of the West African nation’s independence from Great Britain.

The response was bittersweet.  Some questioned why he didn’t pick Nigeria while others praised his decision to play in a country with a more secure soccer climate. All in all, he is a force to watch.

Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka. Photo by The Times UK


The 21-year-old is a staunch Christian. Growing up in Ealing, he attended a Christian school, Edward Betham Church of England Primary School. This shaped his religious faith as well as his parents’ belief in God.

As the Gunners redeem themselves, Bukayo Saka says his strength comes from above and he never ceases to pray. He is on record saying that curiosity in understanding his Christian faith keeps him reading the Bible and attending church often.

He is an Anglican who big names such as Marcus Rashford admire for believing and speaking with conviction about it all. Saka notes that his faith is always on the test but he overcomes it all because he believes in the power of the scripture.


Bukayo Saka is a pretty fresh face in the football world since debuting with Arsenal a while back. Thus, his net worth is still in the making but he has a current transfer value of 50 and 83 million euros.

Given his winger position, he will soon soar since he has a decent salary at Arsenal. In this breath, he owes it all to his father for inspiring him to become a footballer.  His father is a long-time Arsenal supporter and pushed hard to see his son join Arsenal Academy.

He passed his trials and trained with the Academy.


After 9 days of competition in the 2022/2023 season, he has one goal to his credit. This puts him at the 97th spot on the all-time scoring list for the Premier League.

Bukayo Saka has a conversion percentage of 26 per cent for shots on goal. To this point, he has 19 assists on 105 appearances for the Gunners.

Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka. Photo by Pain in the Arsenal


Bukayo Saka is a Yoruba by blood and speaks it fluently despite growing up in London. His first name is unisex and it signifies an addition to happiness.

‘Bukayo’ is popular in Nigeria’s southwest mainly inhabited by the Yoruba tribe which is among the top three largest ethnic groups. The fact he speaks fluent Yoruba is a major feat because he hasn’t been to Nigeria.

Saka says he feels extremely, really proud of his Nigerian origin despite his decision to play for England. He never misses a Nigerian match and remains a top fan. Nonetheless, he has witnessed England’s transformation and he’s optimistic about the national team’s future accomplishments.

Saka feels his decision to play for England is the best. Media in Nigeria reported on his achievements, and his countrymen are always proud that a young Nigerian is shining miles away.

He brought England so close to winning its first European trophy. The London-born Nigerian footballer was a strong contender for the world’s greatest defenders.

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