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Why Jake Paul is convinced Floyd Mayweather is ‘broke’

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather. Photo by Sportbible
  • Floyd Mayweather has amassed a huge fortune
  • He has a $460 million net worth but claims to own multi-billion buildings
  • He invested wisely nonetheless

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has amassed a fortune that few people in history have ever come close to matching.

For over a decade, he stands as the sport’s most recognizable face and one of the sport’s top earners. Mayweather’s wealth, however, is the result of his prudent investment besides huge career earnings.

In 2020, the American boxer came clean about his multibillion-dollar real estate portfolio. He claimed to be financially secure and the owner of investments that will continue to yield income for the foreseeable future.

He proudly talked of owning a private jet, a fleet of fully paid-for luxury automobiles, and several multibillion-dollar properties. A common denominator in all this is that he paid for all from his pocket.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather. Photo by Daily Mail

Mayweather credits his illustrious real estate portfolio to his steady investment that stretches to the technological sector. He isn’t shy to admit that a lot of his wealth came from investing wisely over the years.

In addition, the size of this investment seemed much greater than some of his previous investments. For instance, in one of the interviews in 2020, he claims that he has buildings worth over a billion dollars.

Investing in businesses outside of sports is nothing new for athletes, and NBA superstar LeBron James is just the most recent example. He recently purchased a minority stake in the English Premier League club Liverpool.

Apparently, James had a 2% stake in the team, which he parlayed into a 1% stake in the business. The EPL team is reported to be worth $4.45 billion while the four-time NBA champion’s stake amounts to around $100 million.

Lebron has minority ownership in Liverpool FC, which he acquired in the year 2011. He made a very astute decision when he decided to invest in a major league football team.

He gets good returns for his investment. He is already locked into a lucrative deal with the Lakers paying him approximately $41.8 million by the time the 2021-22 season is over.

His 2% stake is now worth a fortune a decade later. However, this certainly pales in comparison to the multi-billion dollar properties owned by Mayweather.

‘Money’ has always been ahead of his contemporaries when it comes to financial management. This has led him to become the richest boxer in the world despite retiring from the sport back in 2017.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul. Photo/Marca

He is reportedly worth $460 million while James’ net worth is north of $1.2 billion and counting.

YouTube sensation Jake Paul claims that Mayweather is actually broke. Money has been in an ongoing battle with Jake’s brother Logan Paul, who accused him of not paying him his full share for their exhibition bout.

He says the American boxer is as broke as a church mouse because he spends heavily on women who are always on his side.

Even as the comparison goes, boxing and NBA are west and east in terms of earnings and demographics. NBA is a mainstay in the US while boxing rules in the UK.

These target markets, albeit crossing over to other countries in Europe and North America, dictate the earnings. Thus, for Mayweather to have such hefty net worth, it’s a major achievement.

Teresa is a journalist with years of experience in creating web content. She is a wanderlust at heart, but an outgoing sports writer with focus on tennis, athletics, football, motorsports and NBA.

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