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Lewis Hamilton to produce blockbuster featuring Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Lewis Hamilton
Brad Pitt, Lewis Hamilton. Photo/Marca
  • Lewis Hamilton has been cast in the supporting role of the unnamed movie
  • Apple Studios is producing this film
  • Hamilton will obtain an executive producer credit for his assistance with the movie

A new motion picture based on auto racing will star Brad Pitt as the protagonist, and Lewis Hamilton has been cast in the supporting role.

The Mercedes driver is beginning to broaden his horizons beyond the realm of competitive sports. He is taking on a role in a film could be the next logical step in his career progression.

The studio heads have decided to bring him on board as a producer, The Sun reports, for their upcoming film that will be based on motor racing.

The casting of Brad in the film’s leading character that does not yet have a title was announced by Apple Studios a month ago.

Joseph Konsinski, the mind behind the recent box office sensation Top Gun 2, who has brought Tom Cruise back to the top of the film charts, will helm the project.

Brad Pitt with Lewis Hamilton

Brad Pitt with Lewis Hamilton. Photo/The SportsRush

And now, the legendary Mercedes racer has joined the company as a production staff member.

He has agreed to serve as a consultant on set and will instruct the Hollywood A-lister on everything he needs to know about motorsport, including how to gain a handle on an F1 car capable of speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour.

He will be present throughout the process to ensure that the movie based on auto racing is as realistic as possible and that nothing is too out of the usual.

According to a statement by Insider to The Sun, this is one of those films where everything simply seems to be in the right place at the right moment.

Even though Formula One is such a vast sport, Brad is undoubtedly the ideal candidate for this position. Because of the recently released Top Gun movie, Joseph is currently more desirable than ever, and Lewis is psyched about the prospect of engaging in something novel.

It couldn’t be better. They are all quite eager to participate in it. As a special VIP guest, Brad was given the opportunity to experience the excitement of the British Grand Prix alongside his longtime friend and fellow actor, Tom Cruise.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton first win ahead of Bahrain Grand Prix. Photo/ Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Jerry Bruckheimer, a longtime collaborator of Cruise and one of the most well-known names in the action movie industry, will co-produce the new film. Hamilton expected to obtain an executive producer credit for his assistance with the movie, which would be another string to his bow.

The Mercedes driver is starting to gradually shift into the mainstream media, despite the fact that he is already a household figure. However, despite rumours to the contrary, he has been eager to reassure supporters that his F1 career is not ending.

Speaking post a spirited French GP race, the seven-time F1 champion dropped a hint that he is in for it beyond the 2022 season. His contract, which pays him £40 million a year, is set to expire at the end of 2023, which is near the time he was anticipated to retire after reaching 39.

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