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Arsenal winning in the market? Zinchenko set to join Jesus at Emirates

Oleksandr Zinchenko set to join Arsenal from Manchester City. Photo: talkSPORT
  • Oleksandr Zinchenko’s summer deal to Arsenal appears to be nearing completion
  • This comes after the Gunners, and Manchester City had negotiated a cost of £30 million for him
  • Zinchenko has previously collaborated with Mikel Arteta. As a result, both are winners 

 It all comes down to a question of agency when attempting to explain why so many people interested in football would rather watch it on television and cheer for their side in the transfer market than participate in the sport themselves.

 But success in the transfer market is an exercise in delivering compelling stories while competing against others, and everyone gets to play.

According to the sources, Oleksandr Zinchenko has agreed to move to Arsenal. At this point, all that remains is for him to sign on the dotted line and see the doctor.

Zinchenko Man City

Oleksandr Zinchenko. Photo: Getty Images

And we think you’ll find that this is a fair price. By acquiring a single player, Arsenal has improved their roster by obtaining a replacement for Kieran Tierney and an upgrade for Granit Xhaka.

They have a player that brings not only a slew of medals with him but also the determination to work his way up to a regular spot on the first squad.

Even more positively, Zinchenko possesses a specific attitude, which might be described as focused scrappiness.

In a positive sense, he seems like a frustrating opponent to play against. It could be a frustrating toy to play with but in a positive sense.

In addition, Zinchenko has previously collaborated with Mikel Arteta, just like Gabriel Jesus did.

Both are proven winners, both provide enhancements in their best spots while providing good cover, and both should be able to seamlessly integrate into their new environments given their track records.

Zinchenko is now in the midst of their pre-season tour in the United States. 

The 25 -year old is anticipated to return to England within the next few days in order to finalise the move.

When Pep Guardiola took over as City’s head coach in 2016, one of the first players he signed was Zinchenko.

If you’re inclined to be cynical, there is another interpretation of events that goes something like this.

Although it’s possible that this may help Arsenal go up from fifth to fourth place, it isn’t easy to imagine that it will bring them much closer to the top spot first.


Oleksandr Zinchenko set to join Arsenal. Photo: Skysports

A move such as this requires City to believe they have a substitute that is at the very least on par with the original player.

 players don’t simply slot in and out of teams; instead, they blend with the guys around them.

It is possible that Zinchenko, in his role as the starting left-back, is a much more crucial player than Zinchenko in his role as the backup left-back.

Similarly, Gabriel Jesus, in his role as the dedicated No. 9, is likely to be a much more prolific scorer than Gabriel Jesus in his role as the utility option.

Zinchenko would become the second player to move from Etihad to Arsenal this summer, following in the footsteps of Gabriel Jesus, who left earlier this month for a transfer fee of £45 million.

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