Why Real Madrid did not make a move on Haaland despite eyeing him for long

Real Madrid did not a make an official move on Haalsnd despite eyeing for long. Photo: MARCA
  • Real Madrid did not considered making an official move to get Haaland despite the club being strongly linked with the striker
  • After months of speculations, Manchester City has finally secured the most sought striker in the world, Erling Haaland
  • Real Madrid preferred Kylian Mpabbe over Halaand due to costs and peaceful co-existence environment in the dressing room.
  • Real Madrid also did consider the number of injuries Haaland has picked recently

The potential outcome of Erling Haaland having to join Real Madrid has come up several times in recent months during discussions among the club’s officials.

Real Madrid has kept an eye on what is going on around the Borussia Dortmund strikers.

Manchester City has finalised Haaland’s move to Etihad. Photo: Sporting News

Even as recently as last week, no one at the club was willing to rule out a deal possible for Haaland.

Why has Real Madrid never made a formal bid for his signature instead of relying on contacts to keep the flame alive? Los Blancos’ coaches and directors have always thought Haaland was an exciting player.

 Real Madrid did the same thing when Haaland was in Molde, but the reason for that was that they were waiting for him to mature during 

Haaland has had one key disadvantage throughout this time: Real Madrid has been mainly concentrated on trying to lure Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe.

After many months, no step has been made for Haaland, which might jeopardize Mbappe’s arrival.

Neither Mbape nor Halaand has proclaimed oneself incompatible with the other, but Real Madrid has always made it clear that the Frenchman is the priority.

Everything has been taken into account, particularly in economic terms, and the unity they regard as essential to success.

That means perfect peaceful relations in the locker room, or at the very least, avoiding situations that could disrupt the established order.

As Carlo Ancelotti correctly stated, Real Madrid currently has a humble dressing room where no one believes they are more valuable than the others.

The arrival of Mbappe may cause a shift in the environment, and if Real Madrid adds the arrival of Haaland to that, it may be too much at once

Real Madrid believes Karim Benzema has at least two more seasons at the top level left in him, while Mbappe can fill in for his compatriot if he is injured.

The cost aspect has undoubtedly played a role in Real Madrid’s decision not to directly pursue the Borussia Dortmund striker.

The transfer fee, salary, and commission payments will total around 350 million euros, an amount deemed excessive by Real Madrid’s board of directors.

While it is true that the exit of players such as Isco, Gareth Bale, and Marcelo will reduce Los Blancos’ payroll, the salary reduction is insufficient to justify paying Haaland and Mbappe Galactico-Esque salaries.


Agents, commission payments, and transfer fees have also been discussed. Football has changed in recent years, and all players now come at an additional cost because of their famous agents.

Haaland not join Real Madrid

Haaland’s injuries is one of the reasons why Real Madrid did not make a move on the striker. Photo: Eurosport

They are charges that you anticipate incurring, but only up to a point. The club is clear that no exceptions should be made, and they have placed limits in this respect.

It should be noted that Mbappe will arrive as a free agent, which is not the case with Haaland, with him having a 75 million euro buy-out clause in place at Dortmund.

Real Madrid may not be willing to agree to Erling Haaland’s agents terms because they do not want to offend any older players who could earn less than the borrusiaDormund striker.

For instance, they don’t want the salary of one young player to destabilize a dressing room full of proven performing players.

For instance, they don’t want to risk upsetting a squad of seasoned players with the salary of a single newcomer.


Real Madrid has indeed considered the number of injuries Haaland has received over this season in the case of injuries.

Despite his penchant for making bold statements in the transfer market, Florentino Perez is wary of spending too much money on a player who could spend much more time in the locker room than on the field.

While the results are normal, it is true that the frequent muscular problems he has experienced this season have raised concerns.

Real Madrid has been observant and attentive until last week, when, in the apparent lack of a conclusive move from the club.

Haaland decided to accept Manchester City’s proposal, which far exceeded Real Madrid’s spending limit for the deal.

The hunt for a striker who might be the upcoming Haaland has begun. It won’t be easy, but Real Madrid can rely on Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior Rodrygo Goes, and Kylian Mbappe.


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