Ronaldo’s Words that Poised imminent Return to Old Trafford

Friday this week Culminated the most significant signing for Manchester United, bringing back Cristiano Ronaldo regarded as the greatest of all time player in the planet from Juventus despite rife reports that suggested a move to City was unstoppable.

it was an hijack deal that could also bear business implication with rivals City against Ronaldo agent Jorge Mendes.

But what many do not know is that Ronaldo has always been open to the possibility of returning to United but fans started to believe that it was never going to happen.

We’ve taken a look at everything Ronaldo has said about a possible return since leaving United in 2009 to Real Madrid.

‘I could return’

Speaking to the News of the World back in 2010 Ronaldo admitted he missed United barely one year after leaving Old Trafford.

“I played there for six years and that’s a long time. I am still interested in watching Manchester United and, you never know, maybe in the future I could return to play there.

“It’s always possible. I want to fulfil my contract here but, in the future, only God knows. I will not say I am not happy here at Real Madrid.

“I am really happy and everyone knows this is my club but, of course, I miss Manchester United, the boss, the players, because I left family there.”

‘I miss them a lot’

Cristiano Ronaldo in November of the same year 2010, in an interview with Sky Sports said,

“I had the pleasure to play in the Premier League for many years and now I play in La Liga but you never know in the future, maybe I’m gonna be back to England again,”

“Of course I have good memories about Manchester, I have good friends there and I miss them a lot so a lot so you never know.”

‘I don’t close the door’

“I don’t close the door, so maybe in the future I hope so because I know the league, I know the players, I know the atmosphere,” Ronaldo told Sky Sports in 2011.

“Why not? I hope so one day, but you never know. The team that I like more in England is Manchester but I cannot say that I am going to play there one day because I am very, very happy in Madrid.”

‘A club that is still in my heart’

“I really miss English football,” Ronaldo said in July 2013. “For me, it was one of the best years in my career when I was there in Manchester United.

“Everyone knows that it is a club that is still in my heart and I really, really miss it. But now my life is in Spain. I am enjoying playing there too.

“Part of my life is there, but in the future we never know. I am really, really happy in the Spanish league.”

‘It was like my second family’

“It was one of my favourite clubs, Manchester United Everyone knows that every time when I speak about Real Madrid I should speak about Manchester United, I loved it there,” Ronaldo told MUTV in August 2014.

“I was 18 years old when I joined, I won everything there, the people treat me like a god so I appreciate it, and in the future nobody knows.

“It’s crazy. I remember when we played there against Manchester in the Champions League, they kill me. My heart was so happy. I had fantastic moments and I appreciate this club. For me it’s one of the best clubs in the world and I have passion for this club.”

Ronaldo added: “Some players I am still in contact with because when I was there I created a good relationship with everybody, not just the players, all the staff around. And it was like my second family there too, so I’ll not forget that the people treat me well. I’ll not forget.

“I love Manchester, to be back, I never know, you never know. I never close doors. Of course I’m happy at Real Madrid, it’s my home, it’s my club but Manchester treat me unbelievable so we never know.”

‘I wish I can come back’

“I love Manchester,” Ronaldo said in September 2014. “Everyone knows that, I have said it many times. Manchester is in my heart. I left many good friends there, the supporters are amazing and I wish I can come back one day.

“I am happy here in Real Madrid and have four more years, but in the future you never know because they treated me unbelievably there. I really did love being at Manchester United. It is a great club.”

‘It’s great there’

“Why not?” Ronaldo said in November 2015 when asked about a return to the Premier League. “In football, you never know what will happen tomorrow.

“I feel great here – it’s a fantastic club – but tomorrow, I don’t know. People know I love Manchester United. It’s great there, they support me a lot. I’m very good here at Madrid, but in the future, nobody knows. Let’s see what’s gonna happen.”

‘The future nobody knows’

“As I say many, many times, the future nobody knows,” Ronaldo told the BBC in November 2015.

“At this moment I’m so glad and happy here in Real Madrid but the future nobody knows. I will say this answer all the time because the future nobody knows, but I’m good here. I still have a contract with Real Madrid and I’m happy here.”


Ronaldo’s Words that Poised imminent Return to Old Trafford
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