Cricket Namibia begin preparations for T20 World Cup

Cricket Namibia begin preparations for T20 World Cup - Sports Leo

Cricket Namibia (CN) have begun preparations for the 2020 T20 World Cup, assuming the event will not be postponed during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

While a number of major sporting events, involving international competition and traveling, continue to announce postponements – the T20 World Cup is still scheduled to be held in Australia from October 18 to November 15.

CN chief executive Johan Muller said his organization is both trying to grow the game in the country and also intensify preparations for the World Cup.

“Obviously there are financial challenges that we are facing and Covid-19 has not made it easy,” said Muller.

“We are, however, well ahead with our World Cup preparations, and we are also driving a nationwide program to get the sport played in schools.”

A key part of developing the game would involve producing more international standard umpires said, Muller.

“We have a few umpires recognized by the International Cricket Council but we obviously need to continue training these so we have a new generation of umpires coming to the fore.”

Last week, CN announced a profit for the 2019 financial year, while paying back funds of 269 231 US dollars (N$4.5 million) to its creditors.

Muller said: “The clear leadership and strategic business decisions by the board appointed at the end of 2018, steered Cricket Namibia in the recent year to financial and on-field success.

“On the financial front Cricket Namibia showed both accounting and cash profits for the 2019 financial year while paying back N$ 4.5 million to creditors.

“This is a significant achievement by any sports federation and is based on strategic decision making and prioritizing ethical business procedures. The board’s decision to appoint a high profile, experienced coach, led the team in qualifying for the ICC Cricket World league II and the first-ever T20 World Cup.”

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