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8 engineering aspects explaining what makes the RB20 so fast

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what makes the rb20 so fast
Red Bull's RB20 racing in 2024. Photo/Marca
  • Four races so far in the 2024 F1 season and Red Bull has three wins already
  • The Oracle Red Bull Racing team is for a fourth season in a row now holding to its status
  • RB20 lives up to the hype of every millisecond matters in this sport

Four races so far in the 2024 F1 season and Red Bull has three wins already. So, what makes the RB20 so fast is such an interesting thing to find out. The Oracle Red Bull Racing team is for a fourth season in a row now holding to its status as one of the best Formula One teams in the world. RB20 lives up to the hype of every milliseconds matters in this sport.

Its engineering is sophisticated and it surely gives this car this incredible speed. Read on and find out the technical wonders behind this race engineering masterpiece.


The Milton Keynes team under CEO Christian Horner had a major upgrade over their record-breaking RB19 which Max Verstappen won a third F1 World Championship team with. But it wasn’t enough; the Oracle Red Bull Racing engineering team did so much more for the 2024 season and it was all worth it. Now, below are details explaining what makes the RB20 so fast.

what makes rb20 so fast

The RB20 by Red Bull racing in 2024. Photo/Oracle Red Bull Racing

1. Aerodynamics

The RB20’s superior aerodynamics are largely responsible for its speed. Red Bull profited from the resumption of ground-effect vehicles with the 2022 F1 rule change. Under the direction of the renowned Adrian Newey, their design team created a vehicle with an aerodynamic package that sways in the wind. The RB20’s narrower profile and sharper nose enable it to cut through the air like a finely edged-sword. It’s important to harness that power effectively rather than only have raw power.

2. In-House Engine Mastery

Red Bull’s supremacy stems from more than simply aerodynamics—it also comes from under the engine. The group took charge of producing its own engines, which enhanced their output, dependability, and power. Red Bull has been a winning force ever since Verstappen used the RB17 to win his first world championship. Building upon this heritage, the car pushes the limits of what an F1 engine can accomplish and it is one of the unseen things on what makes the RB20 so fast.

3. Simplistic Classic Look

You could be wondering what looks have to do with speed. However, the simplistic look means no additional weight which makes the car slower. Red Bull presented the RB20 in the team’s Milton Keynes, England, plant with all the fanfare and fanciness of a champion in the making. The car’s livery stays true to the red, blue, and yellow that are synonymous with Red Bull Racing. It’s a classic carrying on the team’s tradition although with superb performance.

4. Engine Build

In demystifying what makes the RB20 so fast, its cast-iron block and aluminium cylinder head maintain weight efficiency while providing durability for upgrades.  This keeps the engine from overheating when boost pressure and power levels rise.

5. High Revs

One reason for its high revving is its short stroke design, which reduces the pistons’ travel distance within the cylinders.  The redline for stock models is normally reached at 7000 rpm, however, this may be pushed much higher with modifications.  Greater potential horsepower results from higher revs because they produce more power strokes per minute.

6.  More Power From Turbocharged Variants

Compared to the naturally aspirated versions, the turbocharged models—especially the RB20DET—offer a notable performance advantage.  Although the factory turbocharger increases power, enthusiasts frequently replace it with a bigger, more effective turbo.  This makes it possible to blast a lot more air into the engine, which, when paired with more fuel, produces a much more explosive combustion process and produces more power.

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Red Bull 2024 car concept. Photo/Race Development

7. Double Overhead Camshaft Design (DOHC)

Certain RB20 variations have the unique DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) design, which enhances airflow and valve timing.  Improved engine efficiency and power output result from more optimum intake and exhaust gas exchange made possible by this.

8. Cooling Scoops

Red Bull upgraded the RB20 in Japan, adding a deflector to the mirror mount and new cooling scoops around the halo. These small adjustments improve performance without throwing off the car’s balance.


The thing, or, rather what makes RB20 so fast has a lot to do with Red Bull’s unique attention to detail. Further, the Verstappen-Sergio Perez duo also add zest to the winning formula of Red Bull. Every superfast cast requires an extremely skilled driver to score win after win.

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