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Will Carlos Sainz  join Red Bull in 2025?

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carlos sainz
  • Carlos Sainz is proving to be the next big name in F1
  • Sainz won his first race of the Formula One 2024 season
  • Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix saw him win with decisiveness

Carlos Sainz is proving to be the next big name in F1 following his impressive performance in the 2024 season. Could he be headed to Red Bull or Mercedes in 2025 as Lewis Hamilton takes his place at Scuderia Ferrari?

Sainz won his first race of the Formula One 2024 season. He Sainz took the lead just before Red Bull’s Max Verstappen experienced his first DNF in two years. Charles Leclerc, Sainz’s Ferrari teammate, came in second, while Lando Norris of McLaren came in third.

Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix saw him win with decisiveness that concern about his future has resurfaced. Hamilton’s confirmed 2025 arrival at Ferrari will create a gap in the Italian team and cast doubt on Sainz’s future. So, is a spectacular comeback to Red Bull imminent for Sainz?

Carlos Sainz Formula1 2024 Progress

Sainz’s 2024 campaign has shown remarkable success. His third career triumph in Melbourne demonstrated his ability to push forward and remain composed under duress. This has cemented his place among the best talent on the grid, along with his regular podium finishes and good qualifying efforts.

carlos sainz

Carlos Sainz. Photo/Capital News

In the meantime, Red Bull finds itself in an odd situation. Sergio Perez’s contract is set to expire at the end of 2024, but Verstappen is guaranteed to stay with the Milton Keynes team until 2028. Although Perez has been a valuable teammate for Verstappen, Red Bull may find it alluring to bring in Carlos Sainz.

Will Red Bull Sign Carlos Sainz in 2025?

Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, did little to stop the rumours when he said, that based on a performance like that, he could have a set at Red Bull.

Sainz would be very interested in going back to Red Bull. He competed for Red Bull’s youth squad and even made his Formula One debut with Toro Rosso, which is now known as AlphaTauri. There, he demonstrated his abilities for two seasons before moving on to Renault (now Alpine).

Fast cars are something Red Bull is known for producing. They constantly provide a competitive package thanks to their creative design by Adrian Newey. Also, the potent Honda engine now known as Red Bull Powertrains is a major factor in the RB20 being one of the fastest cars on the grid. This might play a significant role for Sainz, who may feel that a title battle at Red Bull is more likely than an unknown future at Ferrari with the storied Hamilton joining in 2025.

What Would Make it Hard For Carlos Sainz to Drive for Red Bull?

A Red Bull transfer wouldn’t be without its difficulties, though. First, there’s the matter of Sainz’s potential performance with Verstappen. Verstappen is popular for his violent on-track altercations and strong competition. Could Sainz battle a partner who enjoys pushing boundaries while being consistent?

lewis hamilton mercedes concerns

Red Bull 2024 car concept. Photo/Race Development

Secondly, there’s the chance of settling for second-place driving. Verstappen has historically been given preference by Red Bull, with former teammates frequently performing a supporting role. In that case, would Sainz be happy to fight for his own championship hopes, or would he long for the flexibility to do otherwise?

There’s still uncertainty about Sainz’s future at Ferrari. He has proven to be a significant asset for Ferrari, even though Hamilton’s arrival definitely complicates things. A key factor in Ferrari’s championship battle with Red Bull has been his ability to routinely finish the car in excellent points positions.

Furthermore, a driver who is obviously on the rise would be difficult to let go of by Ferrari. Leclerc and Carlos Sainz might become a formidable driving duo in the future if they decide to base their plans around them but it is Sainz who is leaving purely on his contract end in 2024.

It’s too soon to predict with certainty where Sainz will end up in 2025. A number of the best teams on the grid will surely be interested in him given his outstanding results. In the end, his choice will probably depend on a number of variables:

With Ferrari’s long-term goals in mind, the biggest question remains; will they present Sainz with a lucrative deal and an easy route to victory? Red Bull’s degree of dedication is also a pertinent question. Would Sainz really have an equal chance to win, or would Verstappen use him as a supporting actor?

Lastly, there is Sainz’s personal goals: Does he want to be paid well and be consistent at Ferrari, or does he want the chance to compete for a title at Red Bull and take on more risk? Ultimately, how the driver market develops in 2025 will be greatly influenced by the upcoming races.

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