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Jannnik Sinner defeated Daniil Medvedev due to fatigue

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jannik sinner defeated daniil Medvedev
Jannik Sinner displays the Australian Open trophy. Photo/Fox Sports
  • Jannik Sinner defeated Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open 2024
  • It was the most unpredictable major this season
  • Many predicted that Novak Djokovic would successfully retain his championship title

Jannik Sinner defeated Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open 2024 to become the first Italian tennis player to win a grand slam since 1976.

It was the most unpredictable major tournament this season. Many predicted that Novak Djokovic would successfully retain his championship title which he won for the 10th time in 2023.

However, Sinner did a number on him in their four-set match ending his ambition for a 25th Grand Slam.

Jannik Sinner Australian Open 2024 Win

Sinner’s Australian Open 2024 run gave him his first major victory after an electrifying five-set final. Sinner defeated Russia’s tennis star Medvedev 3-6 3-6 6-4 6-4 6-3 to win the men’s Australian Open on Sunday.

The 22-year-old’s incredible comeback completed a unique week for Sinner, which began with his maiden major championship.

With the No. 3 seed’s accurate and aggressive play, Medvedev jumped out to an early two-set lead, putting pressure on the young Italian who had to start defending from all over the court.

jannik sinner defeated daniil Medvedev

Jannik Sinnner defeated Daniil Medvedev to win the Australian Open 2024. Photo/ATP Tour

However, as the game progressed, Sinner retaliated, revised his strategy, and started to outlast his rival through lengthier rallies.

The Russian served to stay in the match, and all of a sudden he had won the third set, turning the tide and breaking Medvedev for the first time.

Sinner overcame the early deficit and emerged victorious in the fourth and fifth sets, becoming the third Italian guy to win a grand slam and the youngest male winner of the Australian Open since 2008.

What Did Jannik Sinner Say after Defeating Daniil Medvedev?

Winning the Australian Open made him so proud because he proved so much to himself, especially about his dedication to becoming a better tennis player.

He described this as his most difficult match yet but still won.

“I’m so proud. I don’t know what’s going on really. It was a tough match. He started really well, he moved me around the court, I couldn’t make my game plan work,” he told Eurosport.

jannik sinner defeated daniil medvedev

Jannik Sinner vs Daniil Medvedev. Photo/Eurosport

Despite losing to Medvedev in the first two sets, he spotted gaps and he used them to win the other three sets. He also took charge of his emotions and stayed afloat when all he could feel was fear.

“But then somehow in the third set, I was looking for the small chances which I used and then at some point, the match changed and I’m really happy how I reacted. Now there are so many emotions, I think I have to sit down and process it but obviously an unbelievable feeling,” he added.

How Did Daniil Medvedev Lose to Jannik Sinner?

Losing to Sinner at the Australian Open was a terrible recurrence for Medvedev. It was the third time he lost in the finals at Rod Laver Arena after the Australian Open final in 2022 which he lost to Rafael Nadal.

He also lost in 2021 to Novak Djokovic. And just like Sinner, he gave up a two-set lead and Nadal won the tournament in a heartbeat.

Medvedev, 27, created some unpleasant history after losing to Sinner in the grand slam finals, as he was the only player in Open Era history to lose multiple grand slam finals in that manner.

He played in three five-set epics and put in about 21 hours on the court before Sunday’s showdown against Sinner. It was an arduous journey to get to the final, and as the match neared its climax, that exhaustion started to show.

Daniil Medvedev australian open 2024

Daniil Medvedev. Photo/Tennis Majors

Following two previous Australian Open final defeats to Djokovic in 2021 and Rafael Nadal in 2022, Medvedev’s playing exhibited a determined determination in the first two sets.

He took the first set 2-1 after breaking Sinner early. He then converted his second break opportunity when the Italian stumbled at the net and grabbed a passing shot, before breaking Sinner once again to win the set.

The difference in experience between Sinner and Medvedev—the Russian having four major final appearances and a grand slam champion—was evident from the start of the match as the Russian dominated with 14 winners and five aces in the opening set.

But, fatigue set in for the Russian as the third set started and Sinner saw this as the best chance to weaken him.

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