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red bull brake caliper technology
Red Bull RB19. Photo/Wikipedia
  • Ferrari’s chief of aerodynamics has raised concerns about the new Red Bull brake caliper technology
  • It is likely that this new technology used in the RB 19 contributed to the team’s victory this season
  • Other F1 teams are looking at it

Enrico Cardile, Ferrari’s chief of aerodynamics has raised concerns about the new Red Bull brake caliper technology they introduced for the 2023 F1 season.

Cardile says it is likely that this new technology used in the RB 19 contributed to the team’s victory this season.

Red Bull lead driver Max Verstappen won his third Formula 1 World Championship title this year in an assertive move to prove Red Bull’s dominance.

The Milton Keynes roared through 2023, claiming a staggering 21 of 22 grand prix wins. While Ferrari snatched a single victory in Singapore, the overall picture painted a clear picture of Red Bull’s unassailable advantage.

Red Bull Brake Caliper Technology

Cardile insists that Red Bull brake caliper technology was the secret weapon the team used to lift a third World Championship win.

red bull brake caliper technology

Enrico Cardile. Photo/Rossomotori

The Ferrari aerodynamics chief explained that this new technology hived of significant weight on the RB19 making it lighter and fast.

He said no other team in the circuit has a small break calliper like those used by Red Bull. Ferrari discovered this through the open-source component rule by FIA to all Formula One teams to share with other new innovations.

“I don’t think the other teams have smaller calipers,” Cardile stated according to Planet F1. “This is a so-called open-source component. If a team changes something, they have to share the CAD design plans with everyone else. We can see them.”

With an engineering eye, he said that he could tell these calipers are significantly small just by looking at the available CAD designs.

“As far as I can tell, the size of the brake callipers is almost the same for all teams. Red Bull has introduced a new technology this year that differs from what Mercedes and we have been using for several years. It may be that these new calipers bring a weight advantage. You have to look at that,” he implored.

F1 Brake Calipers

In Formula 1, size discrepancies in components, such as millimetre variations in calipers, are deemed inconsequential. Despite acknowledging size differences, Cardile emphasizes the focus on technology with Red Bull Racing in the picture.

Red Bull’s innovative caliper technology diverges from the long-standing designs of Mercedes and other teams, potentially providing a weight advantage.

Brake Calipers Effect on Aerodynamics

The current F1 cars with their complex ground effect aerodynamics are notoriously difficult to set up perfectly, potentially making them one-trick ponies.

However, Ferrari’s Cardile argues that Red Bull’s dominant RB19 proves otherwise. He believes any car can excel in all areas with meticulous effort and the right objectives, challenging the “specialist car” theory.

lewis hamilton mercedes concerns

Red Bull 2024 car concept. Photo/Race Development

Cardile’s skepticism regarding the impact of mere size differences underscores the significance of Red Bull’s technological innovation.

While the “all-rounder” car myth suggests difficulty in excelling in all areas, Cardile points to Red Bull’s RB19 as a counterpoint.

“Red Bull is the best example of the fact that there is an all-rounder,” he insisted.

Why is Red Bull so Fast?

Beside this new Red Bull brake caliper technology, the RB19 set of engineering gives the Christian Horner led team an upperhand as far as performance is concerned.

Red Bull nailed the ground effect regulations better than anyone else, generating superior downforce and drag reduction.

Also, Honda power unit proved reliable and consistently delivered strong horsepower with admirable fuel efficiency.

Lastly, its lightweight chassis, gives this racing car an edge in acceleration and handling.

Ferrari Eyeing 2024 Championship

Ferrari’s yearning for a championship trophy is palpable, with their last Constructors’ title victory dating back to 2008. Analyzing and potentially adopting Red Bull’s brake caliper technology becomes a crucial step in their quest to dethrone the reigning champions.

The 2024 Formula One season promises to be a fascinating battleground, with Red Bull’s technological edge facing the combined might of Ferrari and Mercedes.

The brake calipers, once considered a mundane component, have become a symbol of innovation and the potential key to unlocking the secrets of Red Bull’s dominance.

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