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nba in-season tournament 2023
NBA in-season tournament. Photo/
  • A lot of fans didn’t give the In-Season Tournament much of a chance
  • A lot of supporters now have a different perspective as the semifinals approach
  • Lillard will be looking to win his first trophy when the Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks player Damian Lillard recently impressed with his lecture on the importance of the NBA In-Season Tournament 2023.

A lot of fans didn’t give the In-Season Tournament much of a chance when it was first announced. But a lot of supporters now have a different perspective as the semifinals approach. Unexpectedly, players have taken it more seriously, which has resulted in some exciting games and moments.

In his debut game as a member of the franchise, Lillard will be looking to win his first trophy when the Milwaukee Bucks take on the Indiana Pacers in Vegas on Thursday. However, he’s focused on something else; the prize money.


The NBA In-Season Tournament 2023 is the new kid on the floor as far as basketball is concerned. It was inaugurated in the 2023–24 season and introduced a multi-stage competition to the regular NBA calendar. The end goal is to enhance various aspects of the league.

nba in-season tournament 2023

NBA In-Season Tournament. Photo/Canis Hoopus

All 30 NBA teams are actively participating, injecting an additional layer of excitement into the regular season. The tournament cultivates new storylines and rivalries through group play and knockout rounds, fostering increased competition and engaging fans throughout the season.

Furthermore, it serves as a unique mechanism to reward teams for their early-season performance. Those with strong regular-season records enjoy certain advantages such as:

  • Better seeding
  • Home-court advantage
  • Providing an extra avenue for teams to earn prestige and prize money

Beyond its competitive elements, the NBA In-Season Tournament 2023 also contributes to elevating the league’s brand. The tournament aims to attract new audiences to the sport by capturing attention during a typically less-watched period of the season. The high-stakes knockout rounds, in particular, promise thrilling basketball that can captivate viewers.


The tournament follows a structured format, including a group stage where teams compete in designated regular-season games. Knockout rounds follow leading to a championship game.

Notably, the tournament introduces an additional trophy, a share of a $1 million prize pool for the winning team, and a new layer of strategic decision-making for teams and coaches. In essence, the NBA In-Season Tournament is a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance competition, fan engagement, and the overall brand of the NBA, introducing an exciting and dynamic element to the regular season.


Players receive a share of a $1 million prize pool for the winning team in the tournament. Each player receives $100,000 for making it to the semifinals, $200,000 for placing second, and $500,000 for winning the championship.

Lillard maintains that his effort with the Bucks is not for the trophy but for the money which is the only thing that motivates him.

nba in-season tournament 2023

Damian Lillard of Milwaukee Bucks. Photo/YouTube

“I mean, I wouldn’t expect a banner. I think whoever wins it is going to go down in history as the first person to win it. I think that’s the beauty in that. But I’ll just take the money. Give us what we came here for, and that would be great,” he said.

The excitement over the NBA In-Season Tournament’s prize money wasn’t limited to Lillard. Even his teammate, Giannis Antetokounmpo, was caught off guard by the hefty sum after their victory against the New York Knicks.

Lillard, true to his philanthropic nature, expressed his intention to use the winnings to aid those in need. This heartwarming gesture highlights the positive impact the tournament can have beyond the court, fostering a sense of community and generosity among players.


The NBA In-Season Tournament 2023 involves all 30 teams, divided into six groups of five. Teams play four designated regular-season games against their group opponents. Then, the top two teams advance to the single-elimination knockout rounds.

The champion receives a $1 million prize pool, further incentivizing participation. The tournament runs from December 1st, 2023, to February 25th, 2024, with the championship game deciding the victor.

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