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ion tiriac fortune
Romanian billionaire and former tennis player ion Tiriac. Photo/Romania Insider
  • Romanian businessman Ion Tiriac fortune runs into $2.2 billion
  • Yet not so many people know about his tennis days
  • Tiriac delved into sports in the early 1960s starting his career as a Romanian national ice hockey player

Romanian businessman Ion Tiriac fortune runs into $2.2 billion, yet not so many people know about his tennis days. He is the most intriguing athlete of the past era.

Tiriac delved into sports in the early 1960s starting his career as a Romanian national ice hockey player. He participated in the 1964 Winter Olympics but ditched the sport for more enjoyable tennis in mid-1960s.

He swapped skates for a racket becoming a top 10 titan. Though Grand Slam titles eluded him, his powerful play and rockstar style – long hair, shades, and an aggressive bite – earned him the nickname “Brașov Bulldozer.”

The Romanian reached the quarterfinals at the French Open (1968) and Wimbledon (1967, 1972). He also dominated tennis doubles Domination with his Romanian partner Ilie Nastase. They formed a formidable duo, winning the French Open title in 1970 and reaching multiple other finals.

What is Ion Tiriac Fortune?

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Ion Tiriac. Photo/

Ion Tiriac fortune as of 2023 stands at $2.2 billion. His journey to the billionaire’s club is a lesson of consistency and smart entrepreneurial decisions and not just like as many people think. Tiriac’s journey from a tennis ace to a business magnate is heavily dependent on his unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit.

Early on, while still dominating the tennis court, Tiriac demonstrated foresight by investing in hotels and casinos, laying the groundwork for his future financial empire. Post-retirement, Tiriac shifted his focus entirely to business, taking advantage of Romania’s post-communist privatization era.

During this boom, he strategically acquired banks, and insurance companies, and even ventured into the airline industry. However, it was his mastery of real estate that truly set him apart. His portfolio boasts luxury residential complexes, bustling shopping malls, and prime downtown properties, all serving as pillars of his vast fortune.

The 84-year-old’s financial acumen shone through with the establishment of Banca Tiriac, the first private bank in post-communist Romania. Meanwhile, the Tiriac Auto Group, a major player in the Romanian car market, showcased his prowess in the auto industry, controlling dealerships and distributing top brands.

His sports legacy further diversified his income streams. The Mutua Madrid Open, a tennis tournament he founded, proved to be a lucrative venture, and his continued investments in sports ventures added yet another layer to his wealth.

Thus, Ion Tiriac fortune accumulation is a result of his multifaceted approach to business as an athlete who had a dream beyond the tennis courts.



ION TIRIAC. Photo/Tylaz

Țiriac made history as the first Romanian to secure a spot on the prestigious list of billionaires in the 2007 Forbes rankings. He ranked 840th in the world at the time he entered the elite roster with an estimated wealth of $1.0 billion.

As of 2010, his substantial fortune continued to be recognized, highlighting the enduring impact of his business ventures and strategic investments. A decade later, his net worth has doubled making him one of Romania’s richest men to ever live. But how did he achieve this huge feat in business that many highly paid athletes back then did not manage to?

Here is the answer. In the challenging economic landscape of Romania during the 1970s to the early 2000s, Țiriac skillfully navigated restrictive conditions to amass wealth by employing strategic investment skills. His tennis fame and sponsorships played a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for his empire.

Despite not clinching a Grand Slam title, his top-10 ranking and charismatic personality attracted sponsorships and exhibition fees. These provided the initial impetus for his journey towards financial success. Romania was under communist rule then and private wealth creation was highly restricted.

However, Tiriac changed this by demonstrating how remarkably resourceful he was as an entrepreneur. He leveraged his connections and business acumen, to seize rare investment opportunities. Among them was the acquisition of a lucrative hotel lease in Romania’s capital Bucharest. His ability to identify and capitalize on these openings helped him bargain his way up a restrictive system.

As a high-profile athlete, Țiriac enjoyed privileged access to foreign currency, a distinct advantage over ordinary citizens. This advantage allowed him to invest in Western markets and businesses, capitalizing on their higher returns and further diversifying his portfolio.

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