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6 things which make FIFA 23 Career Mode interesting

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How to makeFifa 23 career mode interesting
FIFA 23 Career Mode. Photo/PCGamesN
  • The online sporting world is a charming place to be
  • Career Mode in this simulated video game means you have control of a club
  • You get to manage a real-world club and even create your own custom club

The online sporting world is a charming place to be at any time especially if you know how to make FIFA 23 Career Mode interesting.

First, Career Mode in this simulated video game means you have control of a club and manage it over the course of multiple seasons. You get to manage a real-world club and even create your own custom club. Remember, you are responsible for all aspects of the club, including transferring players, managing the club’s finances, selecting the team’s lineup and tactics, training the players, and competing in matches.

FIFA 23 is among the top 10 popular esports games in 2023 for its thrill and level of engagement to players and fans alike. However, getting to its higher-level competition requires one to be an incredibly skilled player. In this same breath, getting into career mode calls for a different set of wisdom which is what makes things quite interesting.

This article will focus on how to make FIFA 23 career mode interesting for millions of football gaming fans in the world.


how to make fifa 23 career mode interesting

FIFA 23 Career Mode. Photo/FIFA Infinity

The secret in making Career Mode more fun lies with your interests and creativity as a player. Thus, creating a player you desire to play with becomes the first step of how to make FIFA 23 career mode interesting.  Choosing the right player to play against opens up the creative part of your sporting sense and you come up with great tactics to win it all.

Ideally, the intent of Career Mode boils down to leading your club to success by winning trophies and developing your players. This mode lets you decide how your player plays, their position, appearance and style of play and ultimately develop their playing skills.


FIFA 23’s Career Mode offers an immersive gameplay experience, but it may lose its lustre over time, especially when victory becomes routine. If you find your Career Mode save becoming monotonous, here are some strategies to employ on how to make FIFA 23 career mode interesting.

Embark on a fresh journey with a new team: Consider starting a new save with a different team if you’ve been with the same squad for a long time preferably one from another league. This shift introduces a new set of challenges and unfamiliar players to manage.

Establish fresh objectives: When the game no longer challenges you, create new goals. Set targets like winning a specific number of consecutive trophies, nurturing young talent into a global superstar, or forming a diverse squad of players from various regions.

Alter your playstyle: Break the routine by changing your playstyle. For instance, if you typically favour possession-based play, experiment with counter-attacking strategies. Likewise, if your team is usually defensive, try adopting a more aggressive approach.

Experiment with formations and tactics: Tweak your formations and tactics to discover what best suits your playing style. Don’t hesitate to explore various individual player instructions as well.

Dive into the transfer market: Improve your team and infuse fresh talent by actively participating in the transfer market. Hunt for bargain deals and offload surplus players to optimize your squad.

Engage in various competitions: Capitalize on the diverse competitions within Career Mode, such as league cups, domestic cups, and European tournaments. Strive to clinch as many titles as possible to keep the excitement alive.


Learning how to make FIFA 23 Career Mode interesting also lets you do the best thing in this game. The best approach is to engage in what you find most enjoyable, as there’s no right or wrong way to play the game. Do the following:

  1. Build your dream team in Ultimate Team, collecting and trading player cards for online or Squad Battles competition.
  2. Manage a club over multiple seasons in Career Mode, handling player transfers, finances, and lineup selections.
  3. Join your friends in Pro Clubs, creating your player and club to compete against others online.
  4. Explore the street football scene in Volta, with small-sided games worldwide.
  5. Hone your skills with Skill Games to improve ball control, passing, and shooting.
top 10 esports games 2023

FIFA 23. Photo/EA


In FIFA 23 Career Mode, securing promotion is a realistic goal if you finish in the top two positions in your league table at the end of the season. Achieving this results in automatic promotion to the next division. To enhance your chances of promotion, consider several key strategies.

First and foremost, the quality of your players plays a pivotal role in determining your success in Career Mode. It is essential to recruit talented individuals who can bolster your starting lineup and provide depth to your squad.

Furthermore, playing effectively on the field is crucial. Consistently winning matches and maintaining a positive goal difference by scoring more goals than you concede are vital for securing a promotion spot.


Knowing how to make FIFA 23 Career Mode interesting gives you a ticket to enjoy the game more than ever before. Even better is the fact that this is a skill you can learn with ease.

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