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Which F1 drivers are single in 2023?

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single f1 driver 2023
McLaren driver Lando Norris. Photo/Rolling Stone
  • Who comes to mind when you mention single F1 driver 2023
  • Single F1 driver 2023 is relatively a multifaceted subject
  • There are those who are dating but are unmarried while others are not dating at all

Who comes to mind when you mention single F1 driver 2023? Lewis Hamilton perhaps?

It is an interesting subject all the same especially factoring in the huge amounts of money involved in Formula One. These drivers earn a fortune from this sport and it is only logical that a wife mirrors all this prestige but this is not the case. At least not for all the drivers on the circuit.

For some F1 drivers though, the story is different because they have adorable partners who the whole world admires with each breath. Worth noting is that marriage is a personal choice and it has nothing to do with success on the grid. It’s only that the allure of racing in one of the most prestigious racing events draws some level of perception about marriage.


Single F1 driver 2023 is relatively a multifaceted subject in this sense. You can look at it from the perspective of being unmarried where a sizeable number of F1 drivers fall. Mercedes driver Hamilton is unmarried, so is his rival Max Verstappen of Red Bull. Yet, they are currently dating.

F1 summer break destinations

Max Verstappen with his Girlfriend Kelly Piquet. Photo credit: EliotPress/MEGA

On the other hand, you can look at this issue from the point of not dating which makes the subject single. For instance, McLaren driver Lando Norris is currently sitting out of the dating scene. The 23-year-old British-Belgian F1 driver ended his relationship with Portuguese model Luisinha Oliveira. The pair broke up in September 2022 after eight months of dating. The reason for the breakup is not publicly known, but both parties say they remain good friends.

In a statement on social media, Norris said: “After time and consideration, Luisa and myself have mutually decided to end our romantic relationship but remain good friends. I wish her the world and have so much respect for her and all she does as such an amazing and strong woman with nothing but kindness.”

Oliveira also posted a statement on social media, saying: “Lando and I have decided to go our separate ways. We still have a lot of love and respect for each other and will remain friends. Thank you for your understanding.”


Looking Single F1 driver 2023 from the dating scene, Norris is the most popular driver who is single. But he is not the only one. Yuko Tsunoda of Alpha Tauri is also reportedly single. While reasons for their respective breakup with their partners remain undisclosed, it is evident that it has to do with the pressure they are subjected to in Formula 1.Formula One is incredibly demanding in terms of time. A typical race weekend lasts for three days, with the drivers spending most of that time preparing for the race. On the first day, the drivers take part in two practice sessions, which are used to test the car and get a feel for the track. On the second day, there is a third practice session and then qualifying, which determines the starting grid for the race. On the third day, the main race finally happens.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton. Photo/Sky Sports

In addition to the race weekend, the drivers also spend a lot of time training and preparing for the season. They work out for several hours a day, and also a lot of spend time practising in simulators. This is on top of travelling to all of the races in different countries every week. As a result of all of this travel and preparation, F1 drivers easily spend over 300 days per year on the road and far away from home. It takes a demand on their personal lives, and it can also be difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Despite the reality of single F1 driver 2023, most drivers on the grid meet their girlfriends on the racetrack. They grace their races and give them a moment to spend some time with their loved ones given their tough schedule. Another way that F1 drivers meet their girlfriends is through friends or family and at social events. F1 drivers attend a lot of social events, such as parties, galas, and charity events and they mingle with different people in attendance.


However way you look at it, the pressure involved in this sport is more than enough to end a relationship even before it begins. Still, there are several drivers who have an enviable work-life balance nonetheless.

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