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How bookmakers drive online betting trends

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online bookmakers
An online bookmaker. Photo/Pieces Racing
  • Online sports betting is steadily rising worldwide
  • The number of sports betting fans is increasing
  • Bookmakers are also among the industry’s key players

Online sports betting is steadily rising worldwide. The number of sports betting fans is increasing, which is pivotal in pushing the entire industry to grow.

Bookmakers are also among the industry’s key players that have driven it to become one of the fastest-growing markets. They adopt various trends into their sites that make the industry better.
Adoption of Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is one of the best trends ever to hit online gaming. It enables players to take their bookmakers everywhere, promoting 24/7 sports betting. Unlike computers, mobile phones are portable, so a player can carry them anywhere.

Top-rated bookmakers like the ones listed at, are synchronized for mobile betting. So, you can check odds and upcoming games from your handheld device and place bets on the sports you want.

Bookmakers allow you to do much more than betting with your device. You can, for instance, contact customer agents, claim your welcome bonuses, fund your account, or withdraw your winnings.

Indeed, you will find bookmakers offering bonuses tailored explicitly to mobile bettors. Overall, bookmakers’ adoption of mobile betting drives the industry by enabling it to accommodate everyone, especially players from developing countries.

European football

Betting in Ohio. Photo/The Telegraph

Addition of Betting Markets

Earlier, most bookmakers offered betting opportunities on a few sports like basketball and football. The few offerings would limit to bettors who prefer placing wagers on multiple sports.

Sportsbooks identified this gap and started working towards adding more sports to their library. That way, they could accommodate everyone and make betting more fun and rewarding.

You will find all the leading sports at the best betting websites, including rugby, football, ice hockey, baseball, martial arts, racing, and more. So, if you love spreading your risks, you can select several sports.

The move to offer more sports betting opportunities drives the online gaming industry by enabling it to attract more people. A high number of bettors reciprocates more revenue, which pushes the betting industry to register progressive growth.
Use of Secure and Fast Payment Methods

Payments are a crucial part of any industry in that a slight mistake can result in it collapsing. With this in mind, bookmakers ensure they only process payments via banking methods proven to be secure over the years.

The bookmakers understand your banking details must be secure and private whenever you send money to their account. They best promote this by partnering with secure service providers like PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, and more.

Many are also shifting to cryptocurrency payments because they are among the safest providers. If you deposit with Bitcoin or any crypto, your transaction is secure, private, and anonymous.

Providing safe and secure modes of payment, as stipulated by the gaming industry, boosts the betting market’s growth. The sector registers this progress because bookmakers strive to offer secure payments.
Driving Trends Through Sponsorship
Online bookmakers sponsor different leagues and sports as part of their advertising and tactical expansions. Sponsorship makes bookmakers popular and attracts more betting fans since it exposes them to potential customers.

Betting companies that sponsor a club will have their logo on the sponsored team’s shirts, meaning they will be seen by millions worldwide. So, even a relatively unknown bookmaker will become familiar to the public.

Most bookmakers sponsor football and basketball because they are the most watched sports. It’s estimated that over two billion people watch a football match, which clarifies why bookmakers are willing to sponsor clubs.

Sponsorship drive online betting trends by attracting thousands to the industry. A good percentage is retained, ensuring the industry has enough audience to maintain its current state and enhance growth.

Boosting eSports Betting

Electronic Sports (eSports) have become more popular since bookmakers adopted them as part of their sports betting offerings. ESports account for a significant market share of the online betting industry.

Many people are also interested in eSports both betting and watching players battle it for the top prize. So, when bookmakers started offering eSports betting, they met the needs of many people.

The sports hit the gaming industry with a boom, and bookmakers helped drive the trend by adding them to the list of available betting options. You will find various eSports, with the number and bet types varying with the bookmaker you select. It also depends on the tournaments involved.

Esports betting

Esports betting. Photo by FotoLog

The eSports market is projected to continue growing in the coming years as more bookmakers allow bettors to wager on them. Their popularity and the vast audience they attract indicate this trend is here to stay and get better.
Positive Reception to New Trends

Bookmakers always have a positive reception to new technological trends and don’t hesitate to try them to see their potential. Think of technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

More bookmakers have already adopted these technologies to offer their customers a more enhanced experience. Bookmakers can use AI to boost the overall security of their websites.

Secure betting environments are great since you are confident you are protected from fraudsters and scammers. This also promotes the safety of your financial or personal details.

The massive amount of data on sports betting websites is not manageable with manual analysis. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence come in handy by promoting quick and accurate data analytics processes.

Another technology, Virtual Reality, allows bookmakers to make their customers feel like they are in a physical betting facility. Bookmakers integrate the upcoming technologies to make betting engaging, delivering realistic experiences.

Promoting Responsible Gambling

As online sports betting becomes more popular globally, concerns about problem gaming and the need to promote responsible betting measures are also growing.

The concerns have led to the adoption of innovative measures that bookmakers use to identify and alleviate the dangers of problem sports betting.

Bookmakers focused on promoting responsible gaming analyze your betting patterns to determine if they present potential signs of a problematic gamer.

They provide targeted interventions like self-exclusion tools or personalized messages if they identify any warning signs. Bookmakers also provide the proper support for bettors struggling with addiction.

Bookmakers drive this online betting trend of promoting responsible gaming by having different strategies to identify, mitigate, and offer help to the affected. This improves the efficacy of responsible betting campaigns.

Teresa is a journalist with years of experience in creating web content. She is a wanderlust at heart, but an outgoing sports writer with focus on tennis, athletics, football, motorsports and NBA.

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