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Logan paul jake paul
Logan Paul. Photo/NBC News
  • Logan Paul, a famous boxer turned YouTuber, claims that he was threatened with a ban
  • Jake won the match by a unanimous points decision against Nate Diaz on August 5 in the US
  • He was given tough conditions by Jake for him to attend the match and it all had to do with their soft drink, Prime

Logan Paul, a famous boxer turned YouTuber, claims that he was threatened with a ban from the arena during his own brother’s fight Jake Paul if he brought a Prime beverage inside.

Logan, a retired professional wrestler who is now a social media celebrity, travelled 1,100 miles across the US from the WWE Summerslam event to Dallas to watch his brother Jake Paul take on Nate Diaz on August 5.

Jake won the match by a unanimous points decision. Logan is one of the co-founders of Prime, a popular soft drink.

Yet he never passes up the chance to aggressively promote his product at whatever chance he gets. However, Jake’s fight with UFC legend Diaz was supported by competitor beverage brand Celsius, who did not like the idea of another Prime marketing gimmick at their own event.

Before Jake booked this fight with Diaz, Logan sparked controversy by gracing his brother’s bout with Tommy Furry.

logan Paul jake paul

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury. Photo/Sky Sports

He used the ring walk before Jake’s previous match against Fury to distribute free bottles of Prime. Logan thereafter made a joke of the warning on his YouTube show and he knew such a move would never happen again.

Logan said that he got a lot of texts from Marcos Guerrerro who is Jake’s assistant calling him out over his gimmick at the Fury-Jake fight.

“The way that we got texts from Marcos [Guerrerro, assistant to Jake] made it sound like it was in the contract. ‘Logan Paul if he shall come to this event shall not have Prime.

“You can’t do that, you can’t tell me what to wear, you can’t tell me I’m going to be escorted out of the venue if I wear a certain thing… I found it crazy,” he stated.

In recent weeks, as they discussed the subject on YouTube, the two brothers have not held back in criticizing one another.

When Jake noted that his brother seemed dissatisfied after the ringside announcer announced that he had defeated Diaz by a points decision, the situation was not resolved.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul. Photo/Marca

Jake was encouraged by the win after losing to Fury in his previous match, but he was baffled by Logan’s own response.

Jake in his BS podcast said that it was unbelievable for him to witness all that his brother was doing and it was very strange.

Logan, though, disregarded the criticism saying that Jake was only overanalyzing what he did with Prime during his fight with Fury.

“I had a wrestling match in front of 50,000 people and booked it across the country afterwards to watch you fight, I was BEYOND exhausted by this point and it was obvious you were going to win. STOP OVERANALYZING,” he responded via an Instagram post.

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