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Diego Maradona daughters spill beans on ‘planned’ father’s death

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Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona. Photo/Sky Sports
  • Diego Maradona’s daughter’s Dalma and Giannina Maradona have sparked a wave of controversy
  • They say that they have evidence their father’s death was premeditated and 1000 days later nothing much has happened
  • The former Napoli Star died in November 2020 in what doctors said was from heart failure

The daughters of fallen Argentine football star Diego Maradona, Dalma and Giannina Maradona have sparked a wave of controversy with claims that their father’s death was premeditated.

He died in November 2020 and his daughters say that the authorities haven’t conclusively investigated his cause of death.

They say that the football legend who died at 60, had his death premeditated despite reports by the hospital that he died from a heart attack.

The Argentine government announced a trial for eight people in April over Maradona’s death. They were to be charged with simple homicide with eventual intent.

Diego Maradona

Former Argentina head coach Diego Maradona gestures during the World Cup round of 16 soccer match between Argentina and Mexico at Soccer City in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo/AP /Martin Meissner

These eight defendants include the medical team that treated Maradona moments before his death.

They are: Mariano Perroni (nurses coordinator), neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, Carlos Diaz (psychologist), Agustina Cosachov (psychiatrist), Nancy Forlini (a doctor who co-ordinated Maradona’s home care) and Ricardo Omar Almiron (nurses coordinator).

Others are Pedro Di Spagna (clinical doctor) and Dahiana Gisela Madrid (nurse).

In a raw Instagram message, Dalma said that Maradonna did not want to die and it was horrible listening to someone say that he wanted to leave the world for the afterlife.

“My dad didn’t want to die. “The worst 1,000 days in the world. I take this opportunity to say that a few days ago I had the unpleasant moment of having to listen to a disastrous man say that my dad died the way he wanted to die… No, sweetheart, my dad didn’t want to die. And even less so. You did that you and your band. And they are going to pay one by one…”

Argentine star Diego Armando Maradona passes on aged 60 - Sports Leo

Argentine star Diego Armando Maradona passes on aged 60. PHOTO: Britannica

On her part, Giannina said that there was by the medical team in how they handled this case and there are audio messages ascertaining mistreatment and a premeditated plan to kill her father.

His demise three years on never leaves her heart and she always gets signals that push her to fight for justice daily.

“It is not just a personal opinion, but a reality backed by multiple reports that expose the negligence and mistreatment of my father’), He has always remembered the strategies they used to distance him from his family (there are some compromising audios) and he maintains that his father’s death was premeditated,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Keep sending me those signals that embrace my soul, make me feel you and push me to continue. Thank you for being my dad, I miss you a little more every day!”

The greatest footballer of all time took his last breath at a rental residence outside Buenos Aires where he was recovering from a brain surgery 14 days before.

Doctors said that his death was a result of heart failure medically referred to as ‘acute pulmonary oedema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure’.

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