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4 tennis rackets used by pros Djokovic, Alcaraz, Swiatek

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tennis rackets used by pros
Carlos Alcaraz tennis racket. Photo/
  • The common tennis racket is elevated to a symbol of unmatched creativity in this fast-paced sport
  • Rackets serve as extensions of strength and agility
  • Carlos Alcaraz uses a premium racket

Watching the action at Wimbledon recently left questions about tennis rackets used by pros.

The common tennis racket is elevated to a symbol of unmatched creativity in this fast-paced sport taking on the world. It is a representation of power and accuracy on the court. What you never knew is that as professional tennis players compete on a large platform, their rackets serve as extensions of their strength and agility. These rackets, made with extreme care and accuracy, are the key to revealing the elite athletes’ remarkable skills and taking the sport to new heights.

In this article, we dig inside the realm of tennis rackets used by the top players. Yet again, it’s part of a tradition that meets innovation and tennis excellence powering every single shot. Here are the tennis rackets used by pros.


Carlos Alcaraz uses a premium racket to produce his outstanding style and has one of the best all-around games in tennis. Alcaraz has had a long-standing partnership with French racket manufacturer Babolat, who has been his supplier since he was a young player. He hasn’t followed the path of the majority of professionals and utilizes a racket that you can buy off the rack at your neighbourhood sporting goods store.

tennis rackets used by pros

Carlos Alcaraz. Photo/Deccan Herald

Alcaraz plays a Babolat 2020 Pure Aero VS that has reportedly undergone minimal customization. The fact that he doesn’t even appear to personalize it means that he is only focused on winning. According to the official Babolat account on Tennis Warehouse’s message board Talk Tennis, Alcaraz’s racket specifications are 305g, 317mm balance, and 293 swing weight unstrung.

This is equivalent to approximately 327g, 327mm balance, and 323 swing weight when strung up and over-gripped. He even employs a grip size of 4-1/2″ (L4), which is now on the larger side.


The 2023 Australian Open champion is currently using Wilson Blade pro stock racket. It allows her to perfect her art as one of the indomitable strikers on the court, thanks to her racket. According to reports, Sabalenka used Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 1.25 strings to thread her racket.

She has favoured the Blade series of frames since she was a kid and has always used Wilson rackets. Sabalenka uses a modified version of an older Wilson Blade model, most likely the v4 or v5, as her pro stock racket.

However, neither Wilson nor Sabalenka have disclosed the specifications of the racket but based solely on images of her racket, it features a heavy addition to enable her to generate even more power and an 1820 string pattern. The fact that the Belarusian managed to win a tight Grand Slam race always stirs questions about tennis rackets used by pros.


One of the players that is open about the type of racket they use and its characteristics is Iga Swiatek. Tecnifibre, a leading manufacturer of revolutionary rackets, currently provides Swiatek. The Tecnifibre Tempo 298 IGA frame is currently being used by the world’s top player.

Swiatek’s racket is strung in a 1619 pattern with Tecnifibre Razor Code 17g 1.25mm strings. Rarely does a player endorse the racket she really uses in competition, but such is the case with The Pole. The balance of power and control in her racket is ideal for her baseline play style. Thus, regarding tennis rackets used by pros, Tecnifibre features prominently.

The Pole has four Grand Slams hitherto three of which she won in 2022. Many tennis pundits touted her to be the next Serena Williams.


novak djokovic tennis racket

Novak Djokovic tennis racket. Photo/FirstSportz

Would there be tennis rackets used by pros without mentioning Novak Djokovic? Well, he is currently using a secret-element customized HEAD PT 346.1 pro stock racket. The 23-time Grand Slam champion prefers the Liquidmetal Radical Pro frame, which his current racket closely resembles. Since 2009, Djokovic has only utilized HEAD rackets; as a junior, he also used their rackets.

Even when working with Wilson, Djokovic continued to use HEAD rackets. Djokovic utilized an H22 pro stock, which is effectively a clone of the HEAD Radical MP mold, for the brief but successful period that he used a Wilson racket. Reliable sources claim that Djokovic’s racket is strung in an 1819 string pattern with Luxilon ALU Power Crosses at 56 pounds and Babolat Natural Gut Mains at 59 pounds. His racket is built to enable Djokovic to have complete control over the ball.

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