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Inside the humble, quiet life Carlos Alcaraz lives

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carlos alcaraz world no 1
Carlos Alcaraz. Photo/Sky Sports
  • Carlos Alcaraz has an interesting life off the court
  • He sees no need to live on his own
  • He is the second born in a family of four boys

Spanish tennis star Carlos Alcaraz has an interesting life off the court and it remains unknown to people.

At 20, he sees no need to live on his own; he is not just ready to leave his parents alone. He is the second born in a family of four boys and his parents, Carlos and Virginia have done a wonderful job in raising them.

Virginia worked as at IKEA as a shop assistant until recently. He hails from the vibrant Alicante City and also lived in El Palmar.

Unbelievably, the US Open winner doesn’t get fascinated by the glamour of being a tennis star. He keeps his life simple at his parents’ two-floor penthouse flat.

carlos alcaraz queens club

Carlos Alcaraz. Photo/The West Australian

His father was a realtor but he now manages his son’s accounts and his home officer is on the second floor where all of Alcaraz’s tennis collection kits sit.

The most surprising thing is that he doesn’t care much about fast cars despite his ballooning net worth. He still drives a new BMW every year since he has a brand endorsement deal with the German car manufacturer.

The 20-year-old who is the next big tennis player says he is naturally humble and doesn’t think too much about certain things in life.

“I’m quite young and I’ve got my whims, but I’m very natural, normal, humble. I don’t really pay much attention to brands and cars. If I like something, I try to buy it, but in the end my father takes care of everything,” he told Vogue.

Besides tennis, the only other thing he loved when growing up was his mobile phone which often distracted him.

He always chose tennis over a cinema with his age mates but his phone would be the distraction at times until he was 17.

Fast forward to his tennis star shinning bright, Alcaraz’s 80-year-old grandfather always spent time teaching his grandchildren how to play and win chess.

Alcaraz says that this taught him how to think creatively and tactfully when he is on the court.

He is a great Real Madrid fan off the court and has texted with some of their players, with Vinicius Jr. attending a few of his live games.

Additionally, he runs a charity that supports individuals with Down syndrome and auctioned off his US Open-winning shoes to benefit the Assido organization.

Carlos Alcaraz Australian Open

Carlos Alcaraz Australian Open. Photo by Sky SPorts

But what really sticks out about him is his attitude, which is something else he got from his family. If he wins Wimbledon on Sunday, he will display a modest tattoo on his forearm which is a tradition he values.

Alcaraz is bent on challenging Novak Djokovic again at Wimbledon. In the most anticipated game of the year; the two faced off in the French Open semifinals last month for the first time at a grand slam.

However, Alcaraz suffered from cramps, which he later blamed on the stress of the game and lost in two sets.

Alcaraz and Djokovic are the top two seeds in Wimbledon and tennis fans are hopeful that they will get to Sunday’s finals.

The 20-year-old demonstrated his incredibly rapid reflexes despite having significantly less experience than his competitor on grass.

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