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Damian Lillaird ready to leave Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lilliard
Damian Lilliard. Photo/New York Post
  • Damian Lillaird is reportedly set to leave Portland Trail Blazers to give a shot at the NBA championship
  • Lillard, 32, spent his whole NBA career with the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Last year, he said that he was not ready to leave Blazers but he now feels time has come to do so

Damian Lillaird is reportedly set to leave Portland Trail Blazers to give his skills a shot at the championship ring.

Lillard, 32, spent his whole NBA career with the Portland Trail Blazers and has consistently remained a staunch supporter of the team from the Western Conference.

He is now considering expanding his horizons following yet another poor campaign for the Oregon-based squad that saw them miss the playoffs this year.

Although Lillaird will undoubtedly offer the club great influence in the upcoming season, it would be difficult to convince him to go to the Barclays Centre considering the numerous problems the team has had in recent years.

The Raptors, on the other hand, missed the playoffs after losing in the Play-In tournament, and they are currently seeking for a new coach after dismissing Nick Nurse over the weekend.

Damian Lillaird

Damian Lillaird. Photo/Sporting News

Lillaird would be a great choice for the 2019 champs going forward if they want to change things up.

The Hawks might try to trade for the seven-time All Star to replace Trae Young if the reports pan out and they decide to make Trae Young available for trade.

The Miami Heat, who are presently ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks in their Eastern Conference playoff series, may be eager to sign Lilliard to boost their backcourt.

He will be a great addition to the teams which already includes players like Kyle Lowry and Tyler Herro. Given how well James Harden and Tyrese Maxey are collaborating right now, the 76ers are currently one of Lillard’s least likely destinations.

Lilliard expressed his intention to remain in Portland when he signed a two-year extension with the Blazers in July 2022.

Damian Lillaird

Damian Lillaird. Photo/Sporting News

However, he now has a change of heart after the club’s poor postings this season and he is looking for a club to redeem his image.

“I’ve always said that if I do something that goes against who I am, and say I do end up winning, I know me better than any of y’all know me,” he said according to Daily Express.

He added that he is ready to move to a club that is well positioned to compete for a championship title.

“So I’d be happy with it, because I don’t think anybody wouldn’t be happy being a champion, but it wouldn’t be as fulfilling to me as I would want that moment to be. As long as I have an opportunity to do it, a good opportunity to [compete for a title], I’m willing to go out however.” It would take some persuading to convince him to leave Oregon, but nothing is ever completely off the table in the NBA.

It remains to be seen which direction he takes in his NBA career as he looks at winning a championship which is his biggest dream yet.

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