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Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes driver and Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Photo/Sky Sports
  • Lewis Hamilton admits there are moments when he feels like quitting
  • But he never forgets that he is on a mission chasing a dream
  • He had earlier expressed disappointment with the Mercedes W14

Formula One driver for Mercedes team Lewis Hamilton has admitted that there are moments when he feels like quitting.

He took to social media where he said that he takes in-depth digging to get the energy to keep moving. Hamilton doesn’t forget that he is on a mission chasing a dream and a title, both of which are not easy.

This reality keeps him on the grind just to fight for his dream which never comes easy.

“Some days I feel like stopping. When I start to feel this way I dig deep and remember I’m on a mission. Whether you realise it or not, you’re on a mission too. We’re all chasing something,” he wrote.

The seven-time Mercedes driver maintained that while succeeding in achieving some goals, there is always a feeling of impossibility. However, the love and support from fans only push to understand that he will rise to the top once more. This has kept off quitting thoughts at bay.

“Some dream or goal that will make us better people, make our lives more fulfilling and make us proud of ourselves. Some days it’ll feel impossible to get there, but it’s not. We can get it. We will get it I know you’re with me, I feel the love and support and just know I’m sending it back to you tenfold. We got this,” he further said.

Lewis Hamilton free speech

Lewis Hamilton. Photo/Eurosport


Hamilton hasn’t had a great season so far as it mirrors F1 car troubles which he faced in the 2022 season with the W13. In 2023, the W14 isn’t any better. The 37-year-old struggled with porpoising issues last season and finished the season fifth.

He lost the title championship to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen for a second time. With the W14, the Mercedes driver feels this isn’t the best car. Speaking following a disappointing season opener race, the Bahrain Grand Prix, he said the W14 is not the right car for the 2023 circuit.

So far, Hamilton has finished all his three races of the year in fifth position. The British Mercedes driver said that he is his team’s biggest motivation and he keeps his face high up even when the odds seem stuck against him. Amid quitting thoughts, Hamilton opined that Mercedes isn’t where it should be yet because the W14 is not the car they want but he has to remain optimistic for the sake of his team.

“We know we are not where we need to be, and we know that this isn’t the right car. It is a difficult one. But I’ve just got to try and stay positive, keep my head up and keep pushing the guys. Keep trying to be a positive light for them and get the best points I can,” Motorsports reports.


Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton looks to fight for a championship this season.|PHOTO: F1|

At Bahrain, Mercedes struggled with tyre degradation which isn’t comforting at all for the first race of the year. The seven-time Mercedes driver said that racing in Bahrain felt like 2022 and he told his team boss and engineers

He said that Mercedes engineers must add downforce to the car on the front to give it a proper thrust which is what they are after. If done correctly, Hamilton will be in a position to compete with Max Verstappen of Red Bull who clinched his first grand prix victory for the year in Bahrain.

Meanwhile, Russell had earlier raised a design flaw with the W14 saying its mid-corner not being balanced isn’t much of a problem.

Russell feels that this design problem in the Mercedes W14 2022 challenger is not as serious as the purporising issues the W13 had in 2023.

The team engineers, according to Russell, have taken note of this problem and are optimistic that they will find a solution to it.

“I think it’s no secret when you’re watching the onboard videos that we are struggling a little bit with the balance, struggling a lot in the mid-corner. But I think it’s a balance that is probably easier to solve than what we had last year. So even though there’s still a limitation, let’s say it’s a good problem to have,” he told Motorsports.

It remains to be seen what action Mercedes engineers will take in correcting the situation amid Hamilton’s quitting thoughts.

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