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Bill Russell biography, net worth at time of death

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bill russell net worth
Bill Russell. Photo/Marca
  • Bill Russell net worth at time of death remains topical
  • He didn’t earn much at the time because the NBA wasn’t as developed
  • He had four wives, and three kids with his first wife

Bill Russell net worth at time of death remains topical for a man who dedicated his life to the NBA.

He died in 2022 at the age of 88. Even after his demise, he left a legacy that continues to inspire generations of NBA players. His wife Jeannine Russell, was by his side when he took his last breath. One of the most astounding facts about Russell is that he represented Black folks in the NBA between 1950s and the 1960s.

His memories live on and SportsLeo explores Bill Russell net worth at time of death.


Full Name William Felton “Bill” Russell
Age at the time of death 88
Place of birth Monroe, Louisiana
Nationality American
Height 6’10
Occupation Basketball
Source of wealth NBA
Marital status Married



Bill russell net worth death

Bill Russel. Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Bill Russell net worth at time of death spans to $10 million. It is surprising that he only earned a small fraction from his days in the NBA. Conversely, today’s NBA player earn more than this in their entire careers.

Nevertheless, Russell played basketball when the pay was relatively low. The NBA wasn’t as developed and advanced as it is today. Russell and co earned a tiny fraction of what professional athletes get today. His first contract was in 1956 where he earned $24,000.

Yet, he was among the best paid NBA players of his time. In contrast, today’s NBA drafts are in to millions of dollars. For instance, Russell’s net worth is more than five times that of 2022 first-round pick Paolo Banchero. The latte inked a four-year $50.1 million contract with the Orlando Magic. This variance only points to the growth of the league.


While Russell’s big dream was conquering the NBA, he had a rough start despite being athletic and having huge palms. His jumping skills didn’t make it any easier for him when starting out in high school. Coach Herbert Hoover of Junior High School had to drop him from the team.

His transition, to McClymonds High School in Oakland nearly took him through a similar ordeal. George Powles, the McClymonds High School coach gave him a chance to work on his craft. Powles reassuring words helped him conquer his shortcomings in the NBA.

To develop into a competent basketball player, he put in a lot of effort and took advantage of a growth spurt. Russell played basketball for Frank Robinson in high school. Robinson would later be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Several recruiters from different colleges bypassed him. But, the University of San Francisco gave him a chance since the coach saw him play in high school. His days at the University of San Francisco built what was Bill Russell net worth at time of death. Russell had an extraordinary instinct for the game, and this became his gate pass to a better life.

Eventually, Red Auerbach, the Boston Celtics coach lay sight on him and pioneered his drafting to the club in 1956. Celtic picked him due to his tough defence and skilful rebounding. He was the missing puzzle for the Celtics.

Bill Russell worth

Bill Russell. Photo/The Daily Beast


The personal life, and Bill Russell net worth at time of death subject are over interesting. He had four wives by the time he took his last breath in 2022.  Russell has three kids with Rose Swisher who is his high school sweetheart.

As fate would have it, they parted ways and he married his second wife Dorothy Anstett between 1977 and 1980. Russell then married Marilyn Nault in 1996 and lived together for 13 years and parted. The NBA legend moved on to Jeannine Russell who he was with until his death.  Just like his legendary NBA career, Russell had a fascinating love life.

His family and ex-wives shared great moments with him. They remember him as a man full of life, who loved his children, and one whose heart always stood for his happiness.


With a $10 million wealth portfolio, there isn’t so much to write about Bill Russell net worth at time of death. However, he lived a good life and adequately provided for his children and spouses.


  1. What was Bill Russell worth when he died?

He was worth $10 million in 2022 when he took his last breath.

  1. How much was Wilt Chamberlain worth at death?

Wilt Chamberlain was also worth $10 million.

  1. How much did Bill Russell’s rings go for?

His first ring sold for $705,000, while his last one raked in $558,125.

  1. What was Bill Russell’s highest salary?

His highest NBA salary was $100,001

  1. Who owns all of Bill Russell rings?

Shaquille O’Neal bought all of Bill Russell’s rings.

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