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How Much Has the Popularity of Sporting Events Influenced Online Betting

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Online Sports betting
Online Sports betting. Photo by Business Insider Africa
  • Betting is firmly inscribed in British sporting culture
  • Accessibility afforded by the internet has only driven the demand for betting
  • Bets can be placed mere seconds before an event

With a love of both sport and the occasional flutter, betting is firmly inscribed in British sporting culture. No nation enjoys a more diverse array of sports than Britain, with liberal gambling laws cultivating a thriving sports betting market.

Accessibility afforded by the internet has only driven the demand for betting, mainly occurring online. What used to require trekking to the local bookmaker can nowadays be done with only a few clicks.

Bets can be placed seconds before an event or even during, with new offers emerging. Customers are also no longer limited to a single operator, with the widespread availability of countless alternative sites and apps.

Utilising multiple different providers is especially beneficial for sports betting. Different sites offer exclusive boosted odds for specific events, so you should tailor your choice to your specific interests.

Such variety can be hard to navigate for those without a regular favourite or looking to try a new provider. These players can be helped by a breakdown of the best sites for online betting and the bonuses they provide.

Tennis Betting

Tennis Betting. Photo by Top Level tennis

The Importance of Sporting Events for Betting

The best time to try your hand at betting is often during the country’s biggest sporting events. The unrivalled hype generated by such occasions is often contagious, attracting both frequent and unaccustomed betters alike.

These events can be every few months, annually or every few years, with the wait fuelling the buzz surrounding them.

A financial stake also feeds the excitement, adding extra tension to what would already be a nail-biting affair. For those not supporting anyone, adding a monetary incentive is a great way to generate genuine interest in a result.

If members of your household or friends will be watching regardless, you may as well get involved with a bet.

Oftentimes, the only thing better than the bragging rights from a victory is having some money to go with it. Especially when backing an underdog, an unconventional pick can sometimes win you a pretty penny.


No sport comes close to football in terms of popularity. The most played and watched sport in almost every country worldwide, the magnitude and scale of its major tournaments are unmatched.

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event on the planet, with billions watching at home or live. Only taking place every four years, its arrival brings with it a special atmosphere that most sports can’t equal.

The fans of 32 impassioned nations ardently supporting their team also result in a staggering amount spent on wagers. With billions of people tuning in to the World Cup in total betting volume reaches $30 billion globally.

Despite being limited to Europe, the European Championships and Champions League also draw huge numbers. Although a yearly competition, EUFA’s Champions League accumulates $13 billion in betting volume.

Even though it often means repeated heartbreak for England fans, nothing can beat the feeling of playing at a World Cup.

Horse Racing

A British classic that is seldom discussed elsewhere, horse racing has always had a particularly close affiliation with betting. Without teams or individual superstars, enjoying horse racing requires very little prior knowledge to be appreciated.

Naturally, exciting races conclude within a few minutes, and multiple races happen a day, creating the perfect betting format.

Although some practise meticulous form studying, choosing the horse with the coolest name is a more common tactic. The thrilling and often competitive nature of most races will have you passionately cheering names you only learnt five seconds ago.

The Grand National is one of the country’s most iconic sporting events, even for those who don’t follow horse racing. Cheltenham is another big event, with the two accumulating £100s of millions worth of bets.


British boxing has produced some greats of the sport, from Lewis and Calzaghe to Joshua and Fury. When an upcoming weekend sees such figures step into the ring, there is always weeks of hype beforehand.

Considering this can happen once a year, or even less, seeing the titans of boxing fight is rightfully a big deal. A British super-fight involving Joshua and Fury has been teased, which would be a huge deal for the sport.

Punters can bet on the number of knockdowns, what round the fight will finish, and the manner of victory. The speed and suddenness with which a fight can end make it particularly exciting to bet on.

Online Sports betting

Sports betting. Photo by Love Rugby League


With both a league and union format, there are always plenty of big rugby events for punters to enjoy. The World Cups and Six Nations are some of the nation’s favourite and most competitive sporting events.

With the British Isles’ frequently represented, the rivalry is fierce, and derby games are common. Ultimate bragging rights often mean putting your money where your mouth is, making it an ideal time to have a flutter.

The popularity of sports betting in the UK means that betting is often an extension of watching. Every sport has its eagerly anticipated spectacles that are unrivalled in terms of hype and attraction.

Betting is often how we exhibit our excitement, with it making victory that little bit sweeter. With more sports enjoyed here than anywhere else, Brits spend billions a year betting on a host of different events.

Oftentimes, the only thing better than your desired result materialising is winning some money to accompany the feeling.

Teresa is a journalist with years of experience in creating web content. She is a wanderlust at heart, but an outgoing sports writer with focus on tennis, athletics, football, motorsports and NBA.

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