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F1 2022 Season: Top 5 Overtakes

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  • F1 2022 Season ended with Max Verstappen winning the Championship.
  • Formula 1 changed the rules to enhance the racing spectacle.
  • We look at the best 5 overtakes

For the 2022 season, Formula 1 changed the rules to enhance the racing spectacle.

Throughout the season, there were many brave and expertly executed overtakes, so here is our ranking of the very best.

5: Russell on Tsunoda (Lap 15, Suzuka)

George Russels

George Russels in his F1 Car.|PHOTO: F1|

The best overtakes can be distinguished from the rest using the proper camera angle.

So it was when Russell’s second contender was seen from Yuki Tsunoda’s rear wing on that soggy day at Suzuka.

As the cars navigate the esses on race day, the silver Mercedes is still just about visible, Russell taking an offset line whenever he can to feed his front wing some clean air and protect his visor from the spray.

Without warning, Russell charges forward as they approach the last right-hander of the sequence before Dunlop, getting close enough to the Mercedes for us to reach out and touch it, let alone Yuki. His sudden disappearance from view serves as proof that the move was successful.

He said over the radio, “That was a nice move,” making the extraordinary sound ordinary in the way that only an F1 driver can.

4: Sainz on Perez (Lap 41, France)

Carlos Sianz

Carlos Sainz in Action.|PHOTO: F1|

Carlos Sainz may have some limitations, but his grit, tenacity, and intelligence are not denied.

As he attacked Perez at Paul Ricard and was subjected to some dubious defensive driving by Perez, there were hints of all three.

Sainz tried again on the exit of Turn 12 after being constrained during an attempt to move around the outside of Signes but was again forced to back out when Checo moved late to cover.

Sainz had to take control of the situation from the Red Bull driver, and he did so forcefully with a brave move around the outside of the penultimate turn, holding on for just long enough to claim the inside of the final corner. This is similar to what Russell would do later that afternoon when Perez’s car had to be treated like a horse’s rear end.

However, hold on, what’s that?

“Box, Carlos, box. Pit confirm.”

In the words of Sainz himself: not now, Ferrari. Not now.

3: Leclerc on Russell (Lap 31, Hungary)

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc before a Race.|PHOTO: F1|

Before the Hungarian Grand Prix turned to mud in Ferrari’s hands, one of the season’s final true highlights occurred.

If the perfect camera angle enhanced Russell’s pass in Japan, Leclerc passed him for the lead in Budapest, the shot from the spectator bank reducing the cars to arrows – one silver, one red – as they darted into Turn 1.

In reality, DRS played a significant role in this manoeuvre. Russell’s surprise pole position had pushed the W13 into an unnatural position, with the Mercedes moving sharply to defend the inside.

That freed up Leclerc to take the outside line, but the judgment of both drivers under braking and avoiding a collision stood out here as Charles edged the Ferrari towards the apex to stifle George’s style.

2: Verstappen on Leclerc (Lap 1, Suzuka)

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen.|PHOTO: F1|

After a mediocre start from the pole, there was a compelling argument that Verstappen, on the day he could be crowned World Champion for the second time at Honda’s home race, should have played it safe and accepted Leclerc’s lead.

Even in dreadful conditions and with the championship on the line, Max could not think like that, instead choosing to stay on Leclerc’s outside and use the extra momentum to retake the lead as Turn 1 bled into Turn 2.

1:  Hamilton on Leclerc and Perez (Lap 48, Silverstone)

Lewis Hamilton overtake

Fans Celebrating Hamilton’s double overtake. |PHOTO: FirstSportz|

“Through Goes, Hamilton!” This commentary was part of the season’s most thrilling racing action. While Lewis Hamilton struggled in the season’s early races, he came alive at his home race at Silverstone. The FIA named one of his incredible moves at the British Grand Prix the “Action of the Year,” recognizing one of his incredible moves.

After the safety car period, race leader Charles Leclerc fell back, and Sergio Perez chased him on fresher tires. Hamilton, also on faster tires, was trailing this duo in P4. As Perez attempted a move on Leclerc in the final chicane, he pushed him wide, allowing Lewis to pass.

The Briton snuck through to overtake both cars and move into second place. While Hamilton’s lead did not last long, the overtake was one of the season’s best. The Silverstone race had already seen plenty of racing action, and the safety car near the end only added to the excitement.



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