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Who owns Stamford Bridge stadium?

Stamford Bridge
Who owns Stamford Bridge stadium? Photo/ TripAdvisor
  • Stamford Bridge is the ninth largest stadium for the 2022-23 season. It has the capacity to hold 40,341 fans. 
  • Chelsea have been using Stamford Bridge when playing their home matches since 1905. However, the Blues have no direct ownership of the club. 
  • Chelsea Pitch Owners, a subsidiary of Chelsea Football Club, are the owners of Stamford Bridge. 

Stamford Bridge stadium is the home of Premier League club Chelsea. The Blues have played all their home matches at the stadium since 1905. 

Stamford Bridge is also a venue for England international matches, FA Community Shield matches, FA Cup semi-finals and FA Cup finals. 

The stadium has also been used as a venue for other sports such as cricket, American football, baseball, rugby league and speedway. It is the ninth largest venue for the 2022-23 season, with a capacity to hold 40,341 fans.

Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge stadium. Photo/ TripAdvisor.

Stamford Bridge has undergone major renovations over the years, most notably in the 1990s when it became a modern stadium. 

Chelsea still have plans to redevelop Stamford Bridge stadium further. According to reports, there are plans to increase the stadium’s capacity to 60,000. 

However, the project is still lagging because dispersing 60,000 fans into the residential roads will likely increase congestion around Stamford Bridge. 

Furthermore, the stadium’s location between two railway lines and a main road complicate the logistic of the redevelopment plan. 

Chelsea’s new owner Todd Boehly appointed American architect Janet Maria Smith in July to oversee the renovation of Stamford Bridge stadium. 

Who Owns Stamford Bridge? 

Despite playing their home matches at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea are not the direct owners of the stadium. 

Chelsea Pitch Owners, a non-profit organization, are the owners of Stamford Bridge. However, the stadium has had several owners since its construction in 1877. 

London Athletics Club, the world’s oldest independent track and field club, owned Stamford Bridge from 1877 up to 1904. 

Brothers Joseph Mears and Gus then bought the stadium and tried to secure a deal for Fulham to use it as their home ground. However, their offer was rejected by the local side. 

The two brothers then decided to form Chelsea Football Club to use the stadium. The Mears family owned Chelsea and Stamford Bridge until the 1980s, when they sold both the club and the stadium for just one euro. 

When Ken Bates bought Chelsea, the club was facing bankruptcy. For that reason, Stamford Bridge was sold to a different buyer – Marler Estates. 

Marler Estates, property developers, rented the stadium to Chelsea Football Club after purchasing it. Marler Estates declared bankruptcy in the early 1990s, opening the door for Chelsea to regain full control of the stadium. 

Chelsea FC passed the ownership of Stamford Bridge to Chelsea Pitch Owners. The subsidiary of the club has since retained the ownership of Stamford Bridge up to date. 

Chelsea Pitch Owners have the responsibility of maintaining the stadium. 

Stamford Bridge Structure And Facilities 

Stamford Bridge stadium is surrounded on each side by four covered all-seater stands. Each stand has at least two tiers. 

The four stands at Stamford Bridge are the Shed End (South), the East Stand, West Stand and the North Stand. Each of the four stands was constructed for different reasons. 

The North Stand, also known as Mathew Harding Stand, was originally intended to cover the entire northern end.

The stand is named after Mathew Harding, who is a former director of Chelsea FC. Mathew Harding invested heavily in the club 1990s. His investments enabled the construction of the North Stand.

The East Stand was the only covered stand when Stamford Bridge was constructed in 1905. The stand initially had the capacity to hold 6,000 seats. 

Chelsea Pitch Owners has refurbished the stand in recent years as it is now the heart of Stamford Bridge stadium. 

The Shed End, originally known as the Fulham Road End, is along the south side of the pitch. It was the loudest section of the stadium until its demolition in 1994.

The Shed End

The Shed End. Photo/ Flickr.

After its reopening ahead of the 1997/98 season, the Shed End provides the best view of the stadium. 

The West End has three tiers and a row of executive boxes that reaches both ends of the stand. The West End is what the fans see first when entering Stamford Bridge through the main gate on Fulham Road. 

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